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- Initial release
- :VikiTasks now takes a pattern as optional second argument. This
change makes the :VikiTasksGrep command obsolete, which was removed.
- Moved the definition of some variables from plugin/vikitasks.vim to autoload/vikitasks.vim
- Scan buffers on save
- Require tlib 0.37
- The arguments for :VikiTasks have changed
- vikitasks pseudo-mode-line: % vikitasks: letters=A-C:levels=1-3
version: "0.03"
- g:vikitasks#remove_unreadable_files: Remove unreadable files
- FIX: remove buffers with no tasks from the list
- g:vikitasks#use_unspecified_dates: Interpret entries with an unspecified date ("_") as current tasks
- g:vikitasks_startup_alarms doesn't assume a special case for gtk
- Load viki if it wasn't loaded yet
- If g:vikitasks#intervikis == 2, scan all interviki pages (not just the homepage)
- Run VimEnter command immediately if !has('vim_starting')
- FIX: rx didn't match entries with no text
MD5 checksum: 206ae2edae833588398aebc24bada2c3
version: "0.04"
- s:GetCurrentTask(): skip pending tasks (date = '_')
- VikiTasksStatic (by tub78)
- .gitignore
- Don't check for has('vim_starting')
MD5 checksum: 2f8c5fc7e4399d35f9f0a8b9a4ea9fef
version: "0.05"
- Duplicate tag in help file
- g:vikitasks#today: show a break line in suspended list views
- VikiTasks: Files pattern arguments sometimes got lost
- Files patterns were ignored when working with a cached list
- g:vikitasks#today: Changed to "DUE"
- Integration with/dependency on viki_vim is now optional
- Check has('vim_starting') when running vikitasks#Alarm()
- Experimental support for todo.txt task lists (requires trag 0.10)
- Improved regexps for todotxt files
- s:Convert(): Run at most 5 iterations when replacing keywords
- Access trag_filenames through rag#HasFiletype() and trag#SetFiletype()
- g:vikitasks#ignore_completed_tasks: If true, completely ignore completed tasks (fixes #1)
- g:vikitasks_startup_alarms default value: don't display the alarms list if vim is called with an argument
- When calling glob() for intervikis, make sure to scan subdirectories
- Keyboard shortcuts for mark done, archive done, list files etc.
- Minor changes to how constraints work & new commands: mark done, set due date, archive final/done tasks etc. (require tlib 1.0)
- g:vikitasks#use_calendar: use |:Calendar| as date picker
MD5 checksum: 4bf05727153faee87e36a28483e12211
- Check the value of g:tlib_filename_sep instead of !&shellslash
- addon-info
- <c-c>, <localleader>tc: Change a task's category
- If g:vikitasks#files contains glob patterns, make sure to remove duplicates
- s:AddInterVikis(): move adding of dir/pattern to s:AddDirPattern()
- viki maps: Remove count with <c-u> from maps
- Adapt for tlib 1.06
- NEW :VikiTasksPaste command: paste vikitasks items to a (new) buffer (closes #4)
- Small docs tweaks
- Make display of pasted tasks list configurable via g:vikitasks#paste
- Do doc tweaks on source instead
- Merge branch 'master' of
- Typo
- We're using N for [count], right?
- Consider [count]
MD5 checksum: 7d53532b805b741dd90d65def5b546f1
version: "0.06"
- Help template
- FIX Don't call VikiTasksDueInDays & VikiTasksDueInWeeks with <count>
- <c-n> Paste selected items into a new window
- Rewrite A
- Remove s:files (use s:file_defs instead)
- Full support for todo.txt (requires trag 0.12)
- Correctly set today marker for last but one item
- g:vikitasks#filetype_map
- todo.txt: Improved support for changing the category/priority
- .ArchiveHeader(): type error
- FIX support for scanning intervikis
- :VikiTasksAlarms: FIX bang value
- #AfterChange hook
- g:vikitasks#rx_letters defaults to 'A-P'
- Renamed g:vikitasks#rx_letters to g:vikitasks#rx_categories
- g:vikitasks#alarms: Support for persistent_categories (always include tasks in these categories in the "Alarms" list)
- FIX Use g:vikitasks#rx_categories in todotxt.vim
- g:vikitasks#alarms.persistent_categories defaults to [A]
- g:vikitasks#cache_check_mtime: Detect files that were changed by external programs based on mtime
- s:GetTasks() if g:vikitasks#cache_check_mtime: Remove obsolete filename
- g:vikitasks#cache_check_mtime_rx (replaces g:vikitasks#cache_check_mtime)
- Checking g:vikitasks#cache_check_mtime_rx actually works (properly init trag)
- g:vikitasks_startup_alarms defaults to 0 (without user intervention don't display alarms on startup)
- g:vikitasks#after_change_buffer_exec: Run command after changing a buffer
- g:vikitasks#use_unspecified_dates default to 1
- scriptencoding utf-8
- g:vikitasks#files_ignored defaults to ['_archived\.[^.]\+$']
- g:vikitasks#convert_cygwin
- Misc improvements
- Load cached data only once
- FIX: duplicate entries
MD5 checksum: f1556492bc4b63a0275c2bf6f37141fe
version: "1.00"
version: '1.01'
- Support for threshold dates (t:YYYY-MM-DD)
- IsThresholdOk(): ignore "t:" prefix
- g:vikitasks#threshold_days: Hide tasks with due dates N days in the future
- ScanFiles(): Avoid random error and display a message
- ScanFiles(): Display error message for unknown buffers
- Clean up task lines (e.g. remove "t:" threshold tags)
- Use index_next_syntax for customization
- Use set_syntax & format_item
- vikitasks#SetSyntax(): Define vikitasksItem syntax; set b:vikiMarkInexistent = 0
- vikitasks#SetSyntax(): Hide some dates
- Show progressbar more often
- AgentDueWeeks, AgentDueDays: Abort correctly when pressing <c-c>
- todotxt: ConvertLine(): Don't add default due date if g:vikitasks#ft#todotxt#due_default is empty
- g:vikitasks#auto_save: f true, save _all_ modified buffers via |:wall|, when leaving the tasks list.
- g:vikitasks#ft#todotxt#respect_h1: hide lines containing a h:1 tag in todo.txt files (used by SimpleTask app)
- Require tlib 1.06 & trag 1.02
MD5 checksum: b20334cce201fa22484ea6bc523f7eb4
version: "1.02"
- Fix variable name in doc
- Grammar tweaks
- Doc edits and rename three functions
- <f2>k: Select items in a certain category
- intervikis config went to vikitasks#ft#viki#intervikis
- intervikis config moved
- g:vikitasks_startup_alarms is an expression
- vikitasks#OnLeave(): Don't use :wall but :update on each modified buffer
- vikitasks#OnLeave(): Make sure to scan changed buffers on leave
- s:ScanFiles(): for i in reverse(remove_tasks
- Prepare for taskpaper support
- Initial support for taskpaper
- VikiTasksDueInMonths
- CLOSE #8: g:vikitasks#rx_letters -> g:vikitasks#rx_categories in docs (thanks Garonenur)
- ftplugin/viki: let b:vikiSpecialProtocols .= '\|todo'
- resolve() dir names
- ftplugin/todotxt: let g:vikiOpenUrlWith_todo = 'call vikitasks#ft#todotxt#OpenTodoUrl(''%{URL}'')'
- viki/GetFiles(): Fix iv_include/iv_exclude
- Adapt for tlib 1.15 etc.
- vikitasks#FormatQFLE: Use tlib#qfl#QfeFilename
- FIX #9: adapt for use of tlib 1.16; misc enhancements
- Use tlib#file#Glob()
- vikitasks#AgentPaste: check range
- s/TLibTrace/Tlibtrace/g
MD5 checksum: 0716a81d4db8946d8b81ecacc289011d