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vimscriptuploader.rb -- Upload files to http://www.vim.org


This ruby script uploads vim plugins to http://www.vim.org\. You have to provide a script definition YAML file that has the following fields:

  • id: The plugin's script ID on www.vim.org
  • version: The plugin version number
  • file: The filename that should be uploaded
  • message: The version comment

Example YAML file:

id: "123"
version: "0.01"
file: /home/moi/.vim/vimballs/foo.vba
message: |-
  Fixed this
  Done that

vimscriptdef.rb can generate such YAML files from a vimball recipe.

Those values can also be provided on the command line.

Example use

Load the user name and the password from a YAML file:

vimscriptuploader.rb --config vim_org.yml myplugin.yml

where vim_org.yml could look like:

username: foo
password: bar

Provide all arguments on the command line:

vimscriptuploader.rb --username foo --password bar \\
    --id 123 --version 0.01 --message "Updated this and that" \\
    --file myplugin.vba

Create YAML plugin definitions with vimscriptdef.rb

The vimscriptdef.rb ruby script can be used to create a YAML plugin definition that can be fed to vimscriptuploader.rb.

In order to make this work, your scripts have to comply to the following convention:

  • At least one file must contain a GetLatestVimScripts tagline. If the file is "foo.vim", the line must look somewhat like:

    " GetLatestVimScripts: 123 0 :AutoInstall: foo.vim

  • At least one file must set a global loaded_PLUGIN variable. If the plugin is "bar", the corresponding line must look like:

    let loaded_bar = VERSION_NUMBER

    where VERSION_NUMBER is an integer that complies with vim's version numbering system (see :help v:version).

  • If you use git tags, vimscriptdef.rb will compile the comment version from the commit messages since the latest tag. The following tag formats are supported (e.g. if the version number is 1.02): v102, 102, 1.02.

    If you don't use tags, version comments are limited to simple messages if the configuration file defines a field history_fmt that must contain one %s, which will be filled in with the plugin name, the formatted string will be posted as version comment.

    The MD5 checksum will be added to the version comment.


  • ruby 1.8
  • www/mechanize
  • git (to extract log messages and tags for the YAML script definition)