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This repository used to include several plugins many of which were moved to git repositories of their own -- please see for a list of plugins. The remaining parts of vimtlib include vim-related ruby-scripts, vimball recipes and other support files related to the vim plugins listed in "plugins.txt".
* Install
For VIM plugins see INSTALL.TXT.
For vimdedoc.rb: Make sure the ruby script is executeable and put it (or an alias) into a directory that is included in ''$PATH''. On windows, I suggest to create a batch script that includes the line ''ruby.exe %DIRECTORY%\\vimtlib\\ruby\\vimdedoc.rb %*''.
Skeletons: The skeletons have to be copied into ~/.vim/skeletons/... or ~/vimfiles/skeletons/...
Vimball recipes: You can use VIM's ''MkVimball'' command or the ruby-based vimball.rb ( to create vimballs from those recipes.
* Scripts ... A shell script to copy files to a master .vim directory
ruby/vimdedoc.rb ... The ill-conceived, casual vimscript source code documenter
% vi: ft=viki:tw=0:ts=4