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= 0.6
* RSS attachments: Source title is preferred to the channel's title.
* body_html: If there is no body tag, use the document as is.
* rss: also scan items without descriptions with :rss_find_enclosure
= 0.5
* mailto: and javascript: hrefs are now handled via the exclude option
* rewrite absolute URLs sans host correctly
* strip href and image src tags in order to prevent parser errors
* some scaffolding for mechanize
* global proxy option (currently only used for mechanize)
* use -nolist for lynx
* catch errors in Websitary::App#execute_downdiff
* :rss_find_enclosure => LAMBDA: Extract the enclosure URL from the item
* :rss_format_local_copy => STRING|BLOCK/2: Format the display of the
local copy.
= 0.4
* Sources may have a :timeout option.
* exclude: Argument can be a string or a regexp.
* htmldiff: :ignore option to exclude certain nodes from the diff.
* Left-mouse clicks make items collapse/expand.
* iconv: Support for converting encodings (require the per-url iconv
option to be set).
* exclude mailto urls.
= 0.3
* Renamed the global option :downloadhtml to :download_html.
* The downloader for robots and rss enclosures should now be properly
configurable via the global options :download_robots and
:download_rss_enclosure (default: :openuri).
* Respect rel="nofollow" on hyperreferences.
* :wdays, :mdays didn't work.
* --exclude command line options, exclude configuration command
* Check for robots.txt-compliance after testing if the URL is
* htmldiff.rb can now also highlight differences à la websec's webdiff.
* configuration.rb: Ignore pubDate and certain other non-essential fields (tags
etc.) when constructing rss item IDs.
= 0.2.1
* Use URI.merge for constructing robots.txt uri.
* Fixed minor show-stopper.
= 0.2.0
* Renamed the project from websitiary to websitary (without the
additional "i")
* The default output filename is now constructed on basis of the profile
names joined with a comma.
* Apply rewrite-rules to URLs in text output.
* Set user-agent (:body_html)
* Exit with 1 if differences were found
* Command line options have slightly changed: -e now is the short form
for --execute
* Commands that can be triggered by the -e command-line switch: downdiff
(default), configuration (list currently configured urls), latest
(show the current version of all urls), review (show the latest
* Protect against filenames being too long (max size can be configured
via: <tt>option :global, :filename_size => N</tt>)
* Try to migrate local copies from the older flat to the new
hierarchical cache layout
* Disabled -E/--edit, --review command-line options (use -e instead)
* Try to maintain file atime/mtime when copying/moving files
* FIX: Problem with loading robots.txt
* Respect meta tag: robots="nofollow" (noindex is only checked in
conjunction with :download => :website*)
* quicklist profile: register urls via the -eadd command-line switch;
see "Usage" for an example
* Temporaly save diffs, so that we can reuse them when websitary should
exit ungracefully.
* Renamed :inner_html to :body_html
* New shortcuts: :ftp, :ftp_recursive, :img, :rss, :opml (rudementary)
* New experimental commands: aggregate, show ... can be used to
periodically check for changes (e.g. of rss feeds) but to review these
changes only once in a while
* Experimental --timer command-line option to re-run websitary every X
* The :rss differ has an option :rss_enclosure (true or directory name)
that will be used for automatically saving new enclosures (e.g. mp3
files in podcasts); in theory, one should thus be able to use
websitary as pod catcher etc.
* Cache mtimes in order to reduce disk access.
* Special profile "__END__": The section in the script file after the
__END__ line. This seems useful in some situations when employing a
single script.
* Don't follow javascript links.
* New date constraint for sources:
:daily => true ... Once a day
:days_of_month => BEGIN..END ... download URL only once per month
within this range of days.
:days_of_week => BEGIN..END ... download URL only once per week
within this range of days.
:months => N (calculated on basis of the calendar month, not the
number of days)
== 0.1.0 / 2007-07-16
* Initial release