Esp32 ULP I2C code and bmp180 example
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ULP I2C demo application

Example of ESP-32 ULP I2C application which reads a sensor (BMP-180) and wakes up the main processors after a significant change of the measured values.

I2C bit banged support

Note that this example uses a bit-banged I2C implementation, because the hardware ULP I2C support cannot read 16 bit values. This is not essential for the BMP-180, but some sensors like the ADS-1015 DO require 16-bit readouts.

Example of Macro usage and ULP stack/subroutines

In additon this example shows ULP stack handling and reusable subroutines examples, like


Wait some milliseconds


Compute abs value of register


Parts of the original C code from

were translated to ESP assembly.


Be aware of an assembler bug: