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Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. @mkortstiege
  2. @DDDamian
  3. @DDDamian
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. @elupus
  2. @elupus
  3. @elupus

    remove: pointless pointer check

    elupus authored
  4. @elupus
  5. @elupus
  6. @elupus
  7. @Memphiz

    [cosmetic] - removed unused propertys from airtunes (these are maybe …

    Memphiz authored
    …able on boxee - but not on xbmc)
  8. @Memphiz

    [fix] - allow a string fallback when getting the StartPercent propert…

    Memphiz authored
    …y out of an cfileitem - this allows usage from python module aswell (which stores propertys allways as string)
  9. @alanwww1

    Merge pull request #712 from kolabor/master

    alanwww1 authored
    updated: Polish translation - thanks Kolabor
  10. @kolabor

    updated: Polish translation

    kolabor authored
Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. @alanwww1

    Merge pull request #709 from epoke/patch-2

    alanwww1 authored
    Update addons/skin.confluence/language/Korean/strings.xml- Thanks Epoke
  2. @wsoltys
  3. fix win32 build error (make sure you push the right branch...)

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  4. @wsoltys

    [WIN32] changed: move disc detection thread out of Application.cpp in…

    wsoltys authored
    …to Win32StorageProvider.cpp.
  5. @Memphiz
  6. fixed: opening up info on a music video artist/album in the music lib…

    spiff authored
    there are still some issues with non-appearing context menu entries
    closes #12670
  7. @jmarshallnz

    Merge pull request #686 from jmarshallnz/libid3tag_fix

    jmarshallnz authored
    fix overwrite of a single byte of memory when reading pre-2.4 PIC tags
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. win32 didn't use PIC->APIC translate routine

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. id3_metadata_getcomment could return a short description, possibly wi…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …th the wrong encoding
  3. fix overwrite of a single byte of memory when making pre-2.4 PIC tags…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    … compatible
  4. @epoke
  5. @alanwww1

    Merge pull request #707 from epoke/patch-1

    alanwww1 authored
    Updated language/Korean/strings.xml - thanks Epoke
  6. @epoke
  7. @michaelni @elupus

    Change yadif to not use out of picture lines. Fixes issue2272.

    michaelni authored elupus committed
    Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>
  8. @elupus

    fixed: pixel aspect ratio was not taken into account when creating th…

    elupus authored
    This fixes #12636, but thumbnails need to be recreated
  9. @Memphiz

    [ios] - give each remote key press at least amount 1 (otherwise some …

    Memphiz authored
    …mappings are not working when the underlaying action checks the amount to be != 0 - e.x. VoluemUp/VolumeDown)
  10. @elupus

    Merge pull request #705 from Voyager-xbmc/fix-dvd-navigator-aspectratio

    elupus authored
    Fix: DVD aspect ratio requested by navigator was not correctly set in hints
  11. @wsoltys

    [WIN32] fixed: audio cd inserted prior XBMC start wasn't found. THis …

    wsoltys authored
    …was done by moving the disc detection thread late in the init process. before it managed to get before CSettings::LoadSources() which deletes the already inserted sources. fixes #12668
  12. @Montellese
  13. @phi2039

    CHANGED:[osx] Switch CocoaInterface to use CoreAudio interface classe…

    phi2039 authored
    …s instead of duplicate code.
  14. @phi2039
Commits on Feb 18, 2012
  1. @phi2039
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