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* Feature [#1853]: added support of thin (
* Fixed [#16742]: pass rails environment to script/console
* Removed file 'untabify-file.el' from package emacs-rails
* Updated highlight of compilation output
* Added ruby-mode support in hs-minor-mode (aka folding).
* Added migrations and configuration files to speedbar.
* More shortcuts for tests.
* Improved `align` support in `ruby-mode`.
* Fixed bug [#10613]: Wrong comparison of emacs-major-version.
* Apply patch [#10532]: allows '-' to occur in the errror filepath (thanks Peter Williams).
* Fixed bug [#10417]: ruby-flymake had applying only if flymake is
* Raise a error if emacs-rails run on old version of Emacs (less 22).
* Updated view mode of "views".
* Fixed bug [#10357]: code expansion shouldn't occur in comment lines.
* Added the test/test_helper in list of helpers.
* Added list of templates in speedbar.
* Fixed bug [#10056]: when one open file in a read only directory,
flymake try to open a new file and failed (thanks Rémi Vanicat).
* Fixed bug [#9991]: allow setup key prefix for rails-minor-mode.
* Fixed bug [#10053]: don't match rhtml/rxml/rjs files in test output (thanks Rémi Vanicat).
* Added speedbar integration, type [F11] to toogle speedbar.
* Fixed bug #9880: the hotkey "C-c ." conflicted with ECB, changed to "C-c C-c ,".
* New hotkeys, to easy switch without a popup menu between a
controller or a model related files.
In model layout:
- "C-c m" go to model
- "C-c u" go to unit test
- "C-c g" go to migration
- "C-c c" go to controller
- "C-c x" go to fixture
- "C-c n" go to mailer
In controller layout:
- "C-c g" go to migration
- "C-c m" go to model
- "C-c h" go to helper
- "C-c f" go to functional test
- "C-c c" go to controller
- "C-c u" go to unit test
* Fixed bug #9783 (remove-postfix: Wrong type argument: arrayp, nil).
* Updated the compilation output, for better highlight of error and warnings.
* Added the flymake support to on the fly syntax checked in the ruby-mode.
* Added new dynamic snippets for RESTful,
for instance: in controller UsersController type "rshow<TAB>"
will be expand to "user_url(@user)" and display tooltip "GET /users/1".
* Added migration support - migrate, migrate to previous version,
migrate to version.
* Created separate menubar entries named "Navigate", "Database", "Tests".
* Fixed bug #9721: Emacs 21.4.x can't load rails-core.el with error "Wrong
number of arguments: #<subr defalias>".
* Added support pcompletion in ruby-mode (if possible).
* Added new "Go to unit tests" and "Go to functional tests" hotkeys
and menu entries.
* Added tests integration with the compile library.
* New [C-c /] hotkey to toggle output window.
* Fixed bug #9619, script/server fails to start with [C-c C-c w s].
* Added hotkeys for tests:
- [C-c C-c .] running a test for current model/controller (global)
- [C-c .] running a test for current method (in a functional/unit test)
* Prints total of tests, asertions, failures, errors after end of
tests running.
* Fixed recursive "require" error after compilation #9547.
* Improvement of tests and rails scripts output; run asynchronous,
colorize output, etc.
* New [C-:] hotkey to easy switch between strings and symbols at point
in ruby-mode.
* New [C-c f] hotkey to popup a menu with list of functions in
* Added mailers support.
* Added fixtures support.
* Fixed incorrect indentation in snippets [#9460].
* Added support template types in layouts menu.
* Added support haml template engine.
* Use `compile` to run `rake tests`.
* Ask to save modified buffers before run rake.
* Added "quick switch" to support models and unit tests.
* Create separate menubar entry "Snippets".
* Allow web server selection auto-save.
* Corrected errors at work with sql.
* Fixed byte-compile warnings.
* Fixed bugs: #8221, #8223.
* Using system `tail` program for display log files.
0.5.1 at 27.01.2007
* Support plugin: quick menu "Go to plugins" and navigate inside
* Update Web Server support, add Lighttd to list of supported servers.
* Automatic apply ruby-mode to *.rake files and setup utf-8 encoding.
* Add more targets to generate/destroy.
* Add autocomplete in generate/destroy/rake/test commands.
* Small fixes indentation in snippets.