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This plugin will allow the database structure and model relations to
be viewed in an interactive graphical interface. The interface used heavily based

Please note that this is just a proof of concept at this stage and
that it will be in constant state of rewrite over the next few
weeks. Be prepared for everything changing on a whim.

To install run script/generate schema_browser. This creates a
controller called schema_browser, views generating the interface and
the xml representation of the database schema and model relations. It
also adds routes for this and copies required files to public/

* Support polymorphic relations
* Modify layout page to be more suited for just browsing the schema
* Smarter default placement of tables
* Ability to store position of tables in database, stored remotely after drag event in interface
* Allow name of controller (and schema view) to be specified to generator
* Disable by default in production mode
* More support in interface for untangling relations
* Provide option to not show certain tables
* Allow different views of the schema (with tables having different properties/positions for each view)
* Create whitelist and blacklist implementation to determine which table to show
* Allow table to be collapsed (interface + store in database)
* Fix issue where some tables do not show PK for their id

Copyright (c) 2008 [Tom ten Thij], released under the MIT license
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