Ethereum JSON-RPC multi-transport client. Rust implementation of web3 library.
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jordipainan and tomusdrw Implemented parity_set (#198)
* a half of parity_set specific api

* Update

* a half of parity_set specific api

* All parity_set implemented and tested, missing parity_upgradeReady test

* Update

* fix tests

* tested code and behavior with dev node, setTransactionsLimit not working, see paritytech/parity-ethereum#10358

* sorted names api/, removed Sized bound, removed parity_ from methods sig
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Ethereum JSON-RPC multi-transport client. Rust implementation of Web3.js library.

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First, add this to your Cargo.toml:

web3 = { git = "" }

Next, add this to your crate:

extern crate web3;


extern crate web3;

use web3::futures::Future;

fn main() {
  let (_eloop, transport) = web3::transports::Http::new("http://localhost:8545").unwrap();
  let web3 = web3::Web3::new(transport);
  let accounts = web3.eth().accounts().wait().unwrap();

  println!("Accounts: {:?}", accounts);

If you want to deploy smart contracts you have written you can do something like this (make sure you have the solidity compiler installed):

solc -o build --bin --abi contracts/*.sol

The solidity compiler is generating the binary and abi code for the smart contracts in a directory called contracts and is being output to a directory called build.

For more see examples folder.


  • More flexible API (accept Into<X>)
  • Contract calls (ABI encoding; debris/ethabi)
  • Batch Requests


  • HTTP transport
  • IPC transport
  • WebSockets transport


  • Types for U256,H256,Address(H160)
  • Index type (numeric, encoded to hex)
  • Transaction type (Transaction from Parity)
  • Transaction receipt type (TransactionReceipt from Parity)
  • Block type (RichBlock from Parity)
  • Work type (Work from Parity)
  • Syncing type (SyncStats from Parity)


  • Eth: eth_*
  • Eth filters: eth_*
  • Eth pubsub: eth_*
  • net_*
  • web3_*
  • personal_*
  • traces_*

Parity-specific APIs

  • Parity read-only: parity_*

  • Parity accounts: parity_* (partially implemented)

  • Parity set: parity_*

  • signer_*

  • Own APIs (Extendable)

let web3 = Web3::new(transport);

Installation on Windows

Currently, Windows does not support IPC, which is enabled in the library by default. To complile, you need to disable IPC feature:

web3 = { version = "0.1.0", default-features = false, features = ["http"] }