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import os
import sys
import random
from collections import defaultdict
from board import Board
def a_star_search(b):
start_score = b.score()
print 'Scrambled:'
print 'Score: ', start_score
print b
done = set([b.tile_string()])
horizon = defaultdict(list)
best_board = b
best_score = b.score()
worst_score = b.score()
for loop_num in range(1, 50001):
futures = b.possible_futures()
unseen_futures = dict((mv, bd) for (mv, bd) in futures.items() if bd.tile_string() not in done)
[horizon[bd.score()].append(bd) for (mv, bd) in unseen_futures.items()]
if not horizon:
print 'no moves on the horizon'
lowest_score, possible_tries = min((scr, bds) for (scr, bds) in horizon.items() if bds)
num_best = len(possible_tries)
b = possible_tries.pop(0)
score = b.score()
if score <= best_score:
best_score = score
best_board = b
worst_score = max(worst_score, score)
msg = """%2s) Depth: %2s
\tBest unseen %2s @ %2s
\tHere %2s/%2s (new/seen)
\tEverywhere %2s/%2s (horizon/done)
\t(%s chars of memory)\nScore:\n\t%2s/%2s/%2s/%2s (score/best/start/worst)
""" %(
loop_num, b.depth,
num_best, lowest_score,
len(unseen_futures), len(futures),
len(horizon), len(done),
len(str(locals())), score, best_score, start_score, worst_score
print msg
char_dict = {best_score:'<', score:'X', start_score:'^', worst_score:'>'}
print 'Score:', ''.join(char_dict.get(i, '-') for i in range(worst_score+1))
print 'Current:\n', b
print 'Best yet:\nScore: ', best_score, '\n', best_board,
if b.check_if_finished():
print '\n'.join(b.history)
print msg
print 'Solved!' if b.check_if_finished() else 'Failed'
print 'From a starting distance of', start_score
print 'after', b.depth+1, 'moves and', loop_num, 'iterations'
return loop_num
def one_run():
run python without args
then when you get an interesting result, you can read off the
seed value, and replay that board with
python [seed value]
seed = ''.join(sys.argv[1:]) or str(random.randint(0, 99999))
b = Board.get_scrambled(4, 99)
return a_star_search(b)
print 'seed was', seed
if __name__ == "__main__":