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Note: This is part of the "Old stuff I wrote when I was a kid" series.


An OpenGL Win32 checkers game I wrote in C++ when I was 16 (late 2004 / early 2005). It was developed in the Dev-C++ IDE. I haven't tried to compile it recently but it would probably still compile - it doesn't look like it links against many libraries (no glut or sdl in this project, just straight Win32). Either way, I have a pre-compiled exe which I've checked into the repo which still runs on my Windows 7 machine today.

It runs in full screen mode and has mouse control. It renders a checkers board with pieces which you can select and move with the mouse. You can play against a friend (on the same pc) or against the computer. As I recall, I never got around to implementing any real ai - the computer just makes the first available move.

In the game, press escape to access the menu.


An OpenGL Win32 checkers game in C++ (This is part of the *"Old stuff I wrote when I was a kid"* series.)



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