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Ship (VB6)

Note: This is part of the "Old stuff I wrote when I was a kid" series.

If you're looking for ship.js, you can find it here.


This is an arcade style game I wrote in VB6 which I used to hack on every now and then at school when I should have been doing something else. I probably worked on this between about 2003-2005 when I was 14-16 years old (I wish I'd kept it in version control but I didn't).

The thing about Ship I was proudest of at the time was that all of the game data was read from an XML file making it easy to create "mods" for the game which had different ships, weapons and enemies that behaved differently.

You can get a pre-compiled verson of the game here but unfortunately it doesn't seem to run on modern Windows anymore. If you have a Windows XP machine handy or you can be bothered resolving the dependencies you'll be able to play. This downloadable from Microsoft might do the trick.

Or you could play the HTML5 remake I made in 2010 directly in your browser. This new version doesn't have as many features though.


An arcade style game in VB6 (This is part of the *"Old stuff I wrote when I was a kid"* series.)



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