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Helps you deal with your growing number of .NET Resource files by quickly showing you the differences and similarities between them as well as performing simple operations on them.


You can install ResxDiff via the Chocolatey package manager.

C:\> cinst resxdiff

Or build it yourself (scroll down for build instructions).


$ ResxDiff --help

ResxDiff 0.1
Copyright (C) 2012 Tom Wadley
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE]
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE1] [FILE2]
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Displays information about .resx files, shows differences between .resx files
and performs operations on .resx files

  -m, --missing-keys                 Finds keys present in the first file which
                                     are missing in the second

  -p, --present-keys                 Finds keys that are present in both the
                                     first and the second file

  -d, --different-values             Finds keys present in both files whos
                                     values differ

  -i, --identical-values             Finds keys present in both files with
                                     identical values

  -s, --mismatched-metadata          Finds keys present in both files which
                                     have differing metadata (type, mimetype,
                                     space or comment)

  -u, --duplicate-keys               Finds keys that appear more than once

  -e, --missing-spacepreserve        Finds keys that are missing the
                                     xml:space="preserve" attribute

  -c, --copy-missing-keys            Copies missing keys from the first file to
                                     the second

  -v, --copy-different-values        Copies differing values from the first
                                     file to the second

  -a, --alphabetise                  Sorts keys into alphabetical order

  -r, --add-missing-spacepreserve    Adds xml:space="preserve" attributes to
                                     keys that don't have it

  -f, --full-data                    Shows all fields from the data elements

  --help                             Display this help screen.

Build instructions

This is using a VS2010 solution file. Dependencies are installed via NuGet. Package restore has been enabled for this solution. That means that in order to build, you have to be running a recent version of NuGet and have "Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build" enabled in the settings as shown here.

Note: if you having trouble upgrading NuGet, see this

After the dependencies have been downloaded by NuGet, it should build. Run the exe in place or put it somewhere in your path for convenient access.

MIT licenced. Pull requests appreciated :)


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