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Compares .NET Resource files

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Helps you deal with your growing number of .NET Resource files by quickly showing you the differences and similarities between them as well as performing simple operations on them.

$ ResxDiffConsole --help

ResxDiff 0.1
Copyright (C) 2012 Tom Wadley
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE]
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE1] [FILE2]
Usage: ResxDiff [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Displays information about .resx files, shows differences between .resx files
and performs operations on .resx files

  -m, --missing-keys                 Finds keys present in the first file which
                                     are missing in the second

  -p, --present-keys                 Finds keys that are present in both the
                                     first and the second file

  -d, --different-values             Finds keys present in both files whos
                                     values differ

  -i, --identicle-values             Finds keys present in both files with
                                     identicle values

  -s, --mismatched-metadata          Finds keys present in both files which
                                     have differing metadata (type, mimetype,
                                     space or comment)

  -u, --duplicate-keys               Finds keys that appear more than once

  -e, --missing-spacepreserve        Finds keys that are missing the
                                     xml:space="preserve" attribute

  -c, --copy-missing-keys            Copies missing keys from the first file to
                                     the second

  -v, --copy-different-values        Copies differing values from the first
                                     file to the second

  -a, --alphabetise                  Sorts keys into alphabetical order

  -r, --add-missing-spacepreserve    Adds xml:space="preserve" attributes to
                                     keys that don't have it

  -f, --full-data                    Shows all fields from the data elements

  --help                             Display this help screen.

MIT licenced. More features coming soon (hopefully). Pull requests appreciated :)

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