Some code for an ESP8266 micropython to display the number of people in space on a 7 segment display
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Space Counter

This is mostly a toy project that will use the Open Notify API to display the number of people in a 7 segment display, using micropython on an ESP8266 Depressingly, a single 7 digit display is adequate to count the number of people in space at this point in time (early 2017).


  1. Alter to contain your WiFi access point name and password
  2. Upload and to your ESP board
  3. Use to figure out the pin values for
  4. Update and upload
  5. Reboot your ESP
  6. Check it actually works


On a terminal to your ESP do:

import mapping

At this point, it will output what pin it thinks it is lighting up, drop this number into the correct place in


  • Only tested on a WeMos D1 Mini ESP8266 board.
  • You may want to check what pins I've soldered to before running run_pin_test, or update that with the pins you've actually used.