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This is the version of the IdMyGadget© adapter API that I customizing for integration with the default joomla templates Beez3 and protostar.


This code is middle ware, sitting between (and, when properly set up, actually containing) three device detectors and the three joomla templates that use it.


This code hase been copied from and changed slightly, for use with joomla.

  • An isInstalled() method has been added so that joomla can display a user-friendly error message when the selected device detector is not installed
  • Much of the unneeded demo stuff has been deleted, but some has been left in, mainly for diagnostic purposes

See the parent project, IdMyGadget© for background information.

Device Detection in Action

To see IdMyGadget© in operation, see my resume , which is online here: , For the full effect, be sure to visit on both your phone and a desktop or tablet!

Related Repositories

IdMyGadget©: The Parent Repo

The idea is to not make any changes to the parent project, so we can do whatever we want for joomla here, with out having to worry about messing up projects depended on IdMyGadget©, such as my resume .

jmws_idMyGadget_for_joomla: This Repo

The purpose of this project is: to integrate the device detection offered by the three third-party device detectors used by IdMyGadget© into the default joomla templates Beez3 and protostar.

Joomla Templates That Use This Repo

The following repos depend on the device detection functionality provided by this repo:

When the device is a phone, these repos also use jQuery Mobile (as does my resume.


If you still want to download and use this code somehow, you will want to run the command

git clone

Note that by itself, this code does not do very much. At a minimum, you will probably (*) want to install the device detection code, as described in the various files in the IdMyGadget repo:

(*) detect_mobile_browsers does not require installation, but only offers a tiny subset of the functionality offered by the other two device detectors.

Running the Device Detectors

To run the Gadget Detectors, load this file into your browser:

  • gadget_detectors/gadget_detectors.php

The parent IdMyProject© contains more demo code so there's really no reason to do this, but you can, if you want.

Next Steps:

Before you can use IdMyGadget© to identify devices, you should install, and if necessary initialize, one of the "real" supported device detectors, mobile_detect or tera_wurfl. (The detect_mobile_browsers detector does not require installation, but it only identifies phones, so using one of the others is recommended.)


It is essential to realize that the purpose of this repo is to provide a bridge between:

  • one of the device detectors listed above and
  • one of the joomla templates listed above

Additionally, you will want to refer to the original IdMyGadget© repo, because much of the information there is not duplicated here.

For information about the IdMyGadget Device Detection Adapter API©, see the file in this directory.