This mobile-friendly resume uses idMyGadget to serve content based on aspects of the requesting device.
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This is a mobile friendly resume, that uses device detection rather than media queries.

This resume uses the idMyGadget adapter API to detect the type of device that is accessing the site and adjusts the content that it delivers accordingly.

If you installed this code and are being redirected here, it is because you have not installed idMyGadget! (It is a subtle hint to RTFM ;-) .)

Note that to fully appreciate the result, you must access it on both your phone and a desktop or tablet!


Note that all resume data is in json.

My Resume's Data

The files js/Resume-tomwhartung.js and js/ProfessionalExperience-tomwhartung.js contain the data used in my resume .

On my web server I link these to js/Resume.js and js/ProfessionalExperience.js .

Example Resume Data

The files js/Resume-example.js and js/ProfessionalExperience-example.js contain some minimal example data that you can use to construct your very own mobile-friendly resume.

Detailed instructions follow!

How To:

Follow these steps to implement your own mobile friendly resume on a LAMP (Linux Apache MySql PHP) server.

This process requires you first install idMyGadget. It was developed on a server running Ubuntu 14.04, running Apache with the DocumentRoot set to /var/www .

If you are using a different operating system or installing into a different directory, you may need to adjust these instructions accordingly.

This Is a WiP

Note that this is still a Work in Progress (WiP), so contact me if you have any questions.


Installing and using this code requires a computer running a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP) server. It will probably work on a MAMP, WAMP, or XAMP server, but I have not tried it.

If you are using Windows, you will need a terminal application, such as Cygwin, to run these commands.

Installation and Setup:

Install idMyGadget source and initialize one or more of the gadget detectors.

cd /var/www
git clone
cd idMyGadget

For more information, see the idMyGadget files.

Install (git clone) the resume source:

cd /var/www
git clone

Link the idMyGadget directory into the resume directory:

cd /var/www/resume
ln -s /var/www/idMyGadget .

Change the value of the $myName variable near the top of index.php , so that your name (and not mine) appears in the title of the page.

Copy the example js/ProfessionalExperience-example.js and js/Resume-example.js files as follows:

cd /var/www/resume/js
cp ProfessionalExperience-example.js ProfessionalExperience.js
cp Resume-example.js Resume.js

Update the JavaScript object literals in these files so that they contain the content of your resume.

To verify that you have everything set up properly, access the following file in your web browser: For example, if you are setting this up on your localhost, go to http://localhost/resume


This project in general, and documentation in particular, is still a Work In Progress, so no conclusions are available right now.