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bin=`dirname "$0"`
bin=`cd "$bin"; pwd`
# Should add remaining chapters: ch03 ch04 ch14
for ch in ch02 ch05 ch07 ch08 ch11 ch12
# remove any id attributes from program listings
sed '/<programlisting/s/ id=".*"//' ~/book-workspace/htdg3/$ch.xml > /tmp/$ch.xml
$bin/ /tmp/$ch.xml $actual/$ch/*
# Avro check
sed '/<programlisting/s/ id=".*"//' ~/book-workspace/htdg3/ch04.xml > /tmp/ch04-avro.xml
$bin/ /tmp/ch04-avro.xml $actual/ch04-avro/*
# Common check
$bin/ ~/book-workspace/htdg3/ch07.xml $actual/common/*
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