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-Example code for "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide" by Tom White.
-Copyright (C) 2009 O'Reilly Media Inc., 978-0-596-52199-8
+Example code for "Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition" by Tom White.
+Copyright (C) 2010 Tom White, 978-1-449-38973-4
-This version of the code has been tested with Hadoop Core 0.20.0, Pig 0.2.0,
-HBase 0.20.0-dev (compiled from SVN trunk), and ZooKeeper 3.1.1.
+The code is hosted at You can find code
+for the first edition at
-Before running the examples you need to install Hadoop Core, Pig, Hive, HBase,
+This version of the code has been tested with:
+ * Hadoop 0.20.2
+ * Pig 0.7.0
+ * Hive 0.5.0-dev (compiled from SVN trunk)
+ * HBase 0.89.0-SNAPSHOT (compiled from SVN trunk)
+ * ZooKeeper 3.3.1.
+Before running the examples you need to install Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase,
and ZooKeeper as explained in the book.
You also need to install Ivy (
Then you can compile the code:
-ant jar pig hbase
+ant jar pig hive hbase
You should then be able to run the examples from the book.
@@ -38,5 +45,5 @@ ch15 - Sqoop
ch16 - Case Studies
app1 - Installing Apache Hadoop
-app2 - Clouderas Distribution for Hadoop
+app2 - Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop
app3 - Preparing the NCDC Weather Data

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