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Expand the list of supported Hadoop versions #14

apennebaker opened this Issue Aug 27, 2013 · 3 comments

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Could we adjust the build to be more flexible with respect to Hadoop versions? I'm not sure how users are expected to get Hadoop setup for the book:

  • On Mac, Homebrew installs Hadoop v1.2.1.
  • In Ubuntu, the online tutorials tend to specify Hadoop v1.0.3.
  • In Windows, tutorials tend to use v1.0.0.

None of these match the book code's demand of Hadoop v1.1.1.


tomwhite commented Jan 9, 2014

I just pushed a change to fix this. E.g.

mvn package -Dhadoop.version=1.2.1
mvn package -Dhadoop.version=1.0.3

Sorry it took me so long - I didn't see the github issues until today.


@tomwhite No worries! Thanks for addressing this. :)


I made another modification so you can specify both the distro and the precise version (or neither). See 9ffc052

I also ran the unit and integration tests against a bunch of different versions as follows:

HADOOP_HOME=~/dev/hadoop-1.2.1 mvn clean verify -Dhadoop.version=1.2.1
HADOOP_HOME=~/dev/hadoop-0.23.10 mvn clean verify -Dhadoop.distro=apache-23 -Dhadoop.version=0.23.10
HADOOP_HOME=~/dev/hadoop-2.2.0 mvn clean verify -Dhadoop.distro=apache-2 -Dhadoop.version=2.2.0
HADOOP_HOME=~/dev/hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u5 mvn clean verify -Dhadoop.distro=cdh3 -Dhadoop.version=0.20.2-cdh3u5
HADOOP_HOME=~/dev/hadoop-2.0.0-cdh4.5.0 mvn clean verify -Dhadoop.distro=cdh4 -Dhadoop.version=2.0.0-cdh4.5.0

@tomwhite tomwhite closed this Jan 10, 2014
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