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Table of Contents

Unity3D in Docker

This is Unity3D for Linux run with Docker.

TL;DR if this is your first time running this, simply run

xhost +
make all

Otherwise, the steps can be run individually.


Download the latest Unity3D Linux build from the release notes with

make download


Build the Docker image with

make build


Run Unity3D with Docker with

make run


Before running the docker, run paprefs and enable 'Network Server > Enable Network Access to other devices' to be able to get pulseaudio to work. And run this (or put in ~/.bashrc):

export PULSE_SERVER=$(pax11publish | sed 's/.*tcp:/tcp:/g;s/ .*//g' | head -n1)

Importing assets

Create an asset directory in gamedev's home directory, if you haven't already done so:

mkdir gamedevhome/assets

Copy the downloaded asset there:

cp ~/Downloads/LeapMotion_CoreAsset_Orion_Beta_4.0.1.unitypackage gamedevhome/assets

Now, in Unity3D, import the asset from /home/gamedev/assets