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import os
import numpy as np
import argparse
import multiprocessing
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
def normalise_and_plot_frame(frame_idx, frame_data, output_dir):
"""Function to normalise an image
Scales all values to be in a range 0-255
frame_idx: value is returned unchanged
frame_data: a numpy NxM array
output_dir: the directory to write the output frames"""
assert len(frame_data.shape) < 3, "Only grayscale images are supported"
print("Processing frame {}".format(frame_idx))
#setup the filename to write too
out_filename = "frame_{0:0>3}.png".format(frame_idx)
out_filepath = os.path.join(output_dir, out_filename)
# convert frame to type float
frame_data = frame_data.astype(np.float)
frame_data = frame_data - frame_data.min()
frame_data = frame_data / frame_data.max()
frame_data = frame_data * 255
except (AttributeError, TypeError):
raise AssertionError("Expected frame_data to be a numeric ndArray")
# use matplot lib to visualise the frame
except IOError:
raise IOError("Failed to write output file: {}".format(out_filepath))
return (frame_idx,frame_data)
# python magic so it works when run as an app, but not when loaded in a module
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'Convert a video file to numpy array')
parser.add_argument('-i','--inputFile', required=True,
help='full path to numpy file to process')
parser.add_argument('-o', '--outputDir', required=True,
help='The directory to save the processed images, will be created if it doesn\'t exist')
parser.add_argument('--outputFile', required=False,
help='The filename to save the processed numpy array')
parser.add_argument('-n', '--numProcessors',type=int, required=False,
help='Number of processors to use. ' + \
"Default for this machine is %d" % (multiprocessing.cpu_count(),),
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.numProcessors < 1:
sys.exit('Number of processors to use must be greater than 0')
# confirm the output directory exists, create it if not
if not os.path.exists(args.outputDir):
except IOError:
sys.exit("Failed to create output dir: {}".format(args.outputDir))
# try to load the data file
data = np.load(args.inputFile)
except IOError:
sys.exit('Failed to load file: {}'.format(args.inputFile))
if len(data.shape) < 3:
sys.exit('Expected an ndArray of shape nFrames x nRows x nCols')
# preallocate the output array to the same shape as data
# with datatype unsigned integer
output = np.empty_like(data, dtype=np.uint8)
# start the process pool
pool = multiprocessing.Pool(args.numProcessors)
# Build task list
tasks = []
frame_idx = 0
for frame_idx in range(data.shape[0]):
tasks.append((frame_idx, data[frame_idx,:,:], args.outputDir))
# Run tasks
results = [pool.apply_async( normalise_and_plot_frame, t ) for t in tasks]
# Process results
for result in results:
(frame_idx, frame_data) = result.get()
output[frame_idx,:,:] = frame_data
# save the output file if filename is supplied
if args.outputFile:
try:, output)
except IOError:
sys.exit('Failed to write output file: {}'.format(args.outputFile))