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Nu64 Virtual Computer and 65816 Emulator

This is a virtual WDC 65816 powered computer. It is intended to be used as a software devlopment tool and learning platform for assembly language and BASIC programming. The software will be relesed with an open soruce license and may be used for whatever purpose you want, including personal projects, education, and commercial use.

The Nu64 is loosely based around the concept of the world's most popular computer, the Commodore 64. When you turn on the system, you see a BASIC screen, with the READY prompt. You can type in BASIC commands, enter programs, or load programs from disk, tape or cartridge.

The Nu64 attempt to replicate this experience on a modern computer: you will be able to write and run BASIC programs, 65816 assembler programs, and save programs to disk to trade with other people. The Nu64 will feature an 80 column text screen, several different graphic resolutions, and the ability to communicate with hardware and other computers through a virtual modem.

The Nu64 will also feature the famous "PETSCII" text graphics, with some modern changes. Missing ASCII symbols will be introduced, and the Foenix will speak the text language of both the IBM PC and the original Commodore PET and 64.

Nu64 is owned by Tom Wilson.

C256 Foenix

This is designed to be a partner project to the C256 Foenix Computer While it doesn't seek to perfectly reproduce the Foenix, it will replicate the proramming environment for the purposes of software development.

The C256 system software is being developed on the C256 Kernel git.

The C256 Foenix and its associated materials are owned by Stefany Allaire.


Please see License.txt.

The CPU emulation is available for licensed use in other projects. Please contact us for details.

Contributed Code: code and data contributed to the Nu256 project may be shared with the C256 Foenix, without restriction. By contributing materials to Nu64, you grant a non-exclusive license to the owners of both Nu256 and C256 Foenix to use for for any purpose. You also certify that contributed works are free of third party Copyright and patent restrictions.