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💰💱Alfred Workflow for currencies conversion
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Coon is an Alfred workflow which do currency conversion by using live currency rates from Open Exchange Rates API. For a complete list of support currencies, see Currencies.



  • Any macOS which has built-in Python 2.7
    • That normally referred to macOS 10.6+, but things will likely change following the release of Catalina (10.15)
  • Alfred 3+ with Powerpack


  • Head overto Releases, download the latest version
  • Double-click on Coon.alfredworkflow to install

Config & Settings

  • Config can be set in workflow environment variables sheet, by pressing [x] icon in Alfred Preferences
  • Settings is a json file located at ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/tech.tomy.coon, or type the magic arguments cur workflow:opendata in Alfred will take you diractly to that diractory
  • Please setup your APP_ID before your first run, otherwise this workflow won't even work, at all.
Type Name Function Default
Config APP_ID Credentials to aquire currencies rates, can be obtain at Open Exchange Rates for free
Config PRECISION Round off position after decimal point 2
Config EXPIRE Threshold to trigger rates update in seconds 300
Config BASE Your primary, daily-use currency USD
Settings favorites Favorite conversion list ["EUR", "CNY", "JPY", "GBP"]

User Guide

Classic Methods

The following examples demonstrate the usage with the default config and settings

  • cur: Convert 1 unit of all favorite currencies to base currency cur
  • cur [value]: Convert all favorite currencies with [value] to base currency cur 200
  • cur [currency]: Convert between [currency] and base currency with 1 unit cur GBP
  • cur [value] [currency]: Convert between [currency] and base currency with [value] unit cur 5 GBP
  • cur [currency_1] [currency_2]: Convert between [currency_1] and [currency_2] with 1 unit cur GBP CAD
  • cur [value] [currency_1] [currency_2]: Convert between [currency_1] and [currency_2] with [value] unit cur 5 GBP CAD
  • Position-insensitive: besides the cur keyword, every parameter in the above methods are position-insensitive. Namely, the following query all outputs the same results:
    • cur 5 GBP CAD
    • cur 5 CAD GBP
    • cur GBP 5 CAD
    • cur CAD 5 GBP
    • cur GBP CAD 5
    • cur CAD GBP 5

Setting & Help Methods

  • cur-add: Add a new currency to favorite list
  • cur-rm: Remove a currency from favorite list
  • cur-arr: Arrange orders of the favorite list cur-arr
  • cur-ref: Refresh Currency List & Rates
  • cur-help: Show a list of example usage or opens up this README

Support Currencies

See Currencies

Credit & License

  • This project is inspired by FlyRabbit/alfred3-workflow-CurrencyX

    I made this spin-off because the original one doesn't work in the way I thought it should be. As I'm trying to tweaking the the old ones, things get more out of control which ended up me deciding to re-write my own version.

  • Core Library depends on the work-of-art-library: deanishe/alfred-workflow

  • API provided by Open Exchange Rates

  • Icon licenses as below

Name Author Source
Main icon Freepik Flaticon
Hint icons Maxim Basinski Flaticon
Fiat Currencies Freepik Flaticon
Cryptocurrencies Freepik Flaticon
EarthCoin (EAC) earthcoinreloaded/earthcoin GitHub
Factom (FCT) Factom, Inc. Factom
Feathercoin (FTC) FeatherCoin/Feathercoin GitHub
VertCoin (VTC) vertcoin-project/VertDocs GitHub
  • Any source code unmentioned above are released under the MIT license
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