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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
# AMD Tests
-This is the start of Asynchronous Module Definition
+A set of Asynchronous Module Definition
[AMD]( compliance
@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ them in Node and Rhino.
# Configuration
-An implementation needs to have the following two files:
+An implementation needs to have the following two files in the **impl** directory:
* AMD loader implementation
* configure script
-The configure script should define the following variables:
+The configure script should define the following global variables:
* **config**: a function that accepts configuration parameters. Similar to the
RequireJS form of require({}).
@@ -26,18 +26,56 @@ signature.
* implemented: an object whose properties are the types of tests that the
loader expects to pass.
-The full list of test types:
+# Test Types
-* **basic**: Very basic loading of named modules that have dependency arrays.
+Each test type builds on the other: supporting later test types implies support
+for earlier test types.
-TODO: Add more.
+## basic
+Very basic loading of named modules that have dependency arrays.
+* Support for define.amd to indicate an AMD loader.
+* Named modules.
+* Dependency arrays.
+* Circular dependency support via the "exports" and "require" dependency.
+* Test for the CommonJS "module" dependency.
+## anon
+Similar tests to **basic**, but using anonymous modules.
+## funcString
+Tests parsing of definition functions via Function.prototype.toString() to
+get out dependencies. Used to support simplified module wrapping:
+ define(function (require) {
+ var a = require('a');
+ //Return the module definition.
+ return {};
+ });
+## plugins
+Support for loader plugins.
+* Calling the same plugin resource twice and getting the same value.
+* Testing a plugin that implements normalize().
+* Testing a plugin that uses load.fromText().
# Running the tests
Run the tests through a web server. The URL should look like the following:
+Where both the config and impl paths are paths that are inside the **impl** directory in this project.
To run the tests using the version of RequireJS in this repository:
+Or, use the **start.html** page for a page of quick links to start testing.
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