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AMD Tests

This is the start of Asynchronous Module Definition AMD compliance tests.

Right now the tests only run in the browser, but it will be possible to run them in Node and Rhino.


An implementation needs to have the following two files:

  • AMD loader implementation
  • configure script

The configure script should define the following variables:

  • config: a function that accepts configuration parameters. Similar to the RequireJS form of require({}).

  • go: a function that implements the top level, global function that starts loading of modules. Equivalent to the RequireJS global require([], function(){}) signature.

  • implemented: an object whose properties are the types of tests that the loader expects to pass.

The full list of test types:

  • basic: Very basic loading of named modules that have dependency arrays.

TODO: Add more.

Running the tests

Run the tests through a web server. The URL should look like the following:

To run the tests using the version of RequireJS in this repository:
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