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Glow Changelog
* glow.anim - slideDown() regression fix
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Handle missing opts
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Adding "id" & "classname" options
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Handle text in first item
* glow.widgets.Editor - Bad loop fix
* glow.widgets.Overlay - returnTo() fix
* glow.anim - slideDown() fix
* glow.dom - html() param as number, clone() empty NodeList IE fix
* - loadScript() memory usage regression fix
* - Adding Header X-Requested-With: XmlHttpRequest to requests
* glow.widgets.Autosuggest - Fixed bug that sometimes caused the suggestion list to be position off by 1 pixel
* glow.widgets.Autosuggest - Added option to turn off selection of the completed text in the input element
* glow.widgets.Mask - Fixed issue that causes IE6 to get into a resize event loop
* glow.dom - Changing method for getting document size to correct IE issue
* glow.embed - Added documentation for isSupported
* glow.lang.interpolate - Added option to escape HTML from data object
* / post - Added 'forceXml' option to treat any file as XML
* glow.dom.create - Added option to escape HTML from interpolated data object
* glow.dom.NodeList#ancestors - New method to get all ancestors of a NodeList
* glow.dom.NodeList#data / removeData - New methods to associate data with nodes
* glow.dom.NodeList#scrollLeft / scrollTop - New methods to get / set scroll position of document / nodes
* glow.dom.NodeList#wrap / unwrap - New methods to wrap elements inside another
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Prevent focus going to other elements while modal overlay is shown
* glow.widgets.Editor - Added ordered & unordered lists
* glow.widgets.Editor - Added heading dropdown
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Added 'useCache' option to cache results from the server
* / post - Fixed IE issues when fetching file from local filesystem
* glow.dom.NodeList#css - Fixing IE issues with relative CSS values
* glow.dom.NodeList#html - Fixing IE issues with some elements (eg tables)
* glow.forms.Form - Allowing email address to end in underscore, eg
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed pageNav after adding / removing items
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Preventing user creating an empty carousel (rather than erroring)
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Preventing suggestions hiding when left / right arrow keys are pressed
* glow.widgets.InfoPanel - Improving ARIA support
* glow.widgets.Slider - Allowing left / right arrow keys to navigate vertical slider (recommendation from ARIA spec)
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Fixed minor bugs affecting suggestions list display.
* glow.widgets.Sortable - Fixed negative margin issue
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed edge case where original element was floated
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed issue with visibleIndexes misreporting
* glow.widgets.Editor - Fixed issue with 'commit' event firing too often
* glow.widgets.Carousel, glow.widgets.Editor, glow.widgets.Timetable - Documentation updates
* glow.dom.NodeList#offset - Fixed for browsers that don't support getBoundingClientRect
* glow.dom.NodeList#css - Fix to real-to-absolute unit convertor for IE
* glow.forms.Form - Better error reporting when form has an element with name='submit'
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed issues with tabbing naviagation
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Making itemClick event preventable
* glow.widgets.Mask - Fixing issues where Mask didn't dover the whole page
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Fixed issue where hideWhileShown was hiding items inside the overlay
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Fixed returnTo focus
* glow.widgets.NodeList - Fixed setting val() for select items in Firefox
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Added support for 'show' and 'hide' event listeners on the AutoSuggest instance
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Added autoPosition option to allow user to manually place the suggestion list
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Improved interface when using keys to navigate suggestions, esc now restores the original value
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Added new 'filter' option to allow user to modify results before they are displayed
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed bug that caused Next and Previous text to be visible in Opera when images were on
* glow.widgets.AutoSuggest - Fixed bug that caused position of suggestion list to be wrong when text was zoomed in recent webkit browsers
* glow core - Fix bug in domReady code that prevented ready / onDomReady working in some browsers (eg, PS3 NetFront)
* glow.widgets.Timetable - Fixing bug that may result in item sizes less than 0
* glow.forms - Allow more control over ajax tests
* glow.widgets - Improving CSS load detection for widgets.css
* glow.anim - Improved memory usage for animation shortcuts
* - Added 'mouseenter' and 'mouseleave' events which don't bubble
* - Works in IE for application/(whatever)-xml content-type
* glow.widgets.Sortable - Better position & margin handling
* glow.dom.NodeList#position - For getting the position relative to the positioned parent
* glow.dragdrop - Improved position detection and margin handling
* glow.dom.NodeList#prop - Similar to attr, but for getting/setting node properties
* glow.embed.Flash - Generating IDs for <object> to fix a string bug in IE
* - For cleaning up loadScript calls that don't have an onLoad callback
* - No longer adds a cleanup unload listener for browsers that don't need it, allows quick back & forward switching in those browsers
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Fixed issue where events would double-fire after items were added
* glow.dom.NodeList#css - Returns correct value for margin-right in modern Webkit versions
* glow.dom.NodeList - width & height methods more reliable for elements with width:auto
* glow.dom.create - Fixed elements that couldn't appear within a div (eg, <option />)
* - Now supports ; as a separator
* glow.dom.NodeList#css - Can now provide an object (property:value) to set many values
* glow.dom.create - Can now provide interpolation params as an option
* glow.i18n - New module for managing multiple languages for JavaScript applications
* glow.widgets.Panel - Fixed IE8 rendering issue (standards & compat mode)
* glow.anim - Can now add events in the options object of glow.anim.css, glow.anim.Animtion and glow.anim.Timeline
* - Focus/blur events allow bubbling on all elements.
* glow.widgets.Overlay - closeToEsc param added to constructor option. Enabling this allows user to close overlay with ESC button.
* - Allow attachTo parameter to be DOM node, glow.dom.nodeList or string.
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Better keyboard interaction. User can tab through items in the carousel.
* glow.widgets.Mask - Mask now correctly calculates the required width (previously wasn't doing this when the content scrolled horizontally).
* glow.dom.get - Extended "invalid selector" error message with value of invalid selector used.
* glow.anim.css - now silently fails if an empty nodelist is passed in, rather than throwing an error
* glow.forms - Added "is" test, to ensure one field equals a particular value
* glow.anim - Introduced Animation#destroy to remove animations when they're complete
* glow.dom.NodeList - Added destroy method for clearing nodes from memory
* glow.dom - Fixing some bugs in the child selector
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Fixing an unscoped variable
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Cloning events on duplicate items
* glow.anim - Improvements to shortcut functions
* glow.widgets.Overlay - aliasing "roll" transition to "slide" for compatibility with glow.anim shortcuts
* - Deprecated addKeyListener, will return 'new and improved' in Glow 2.0
* glow.widgets.Mask - Deprecated disableScroll
* glow.embed - Updated "no flash" message to include links to webwise.
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Fixed bug creating inconsistency with Flash hiding when using multiple overlays
* glow.widgets.Overlay - Now stops Flash within an Overlay playing on hide
* glow.embed - Fixed bug where IE needs Flash movies to have an ID
* glow.widgets.Carousel - Improvements to keyboard access