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Provides easy way to find a file, search, and build a project (not any language specific).
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Open Modes

What's This?

Open modes make application development more faster.

Three most used actions in development are opening a file, searching a text in the project, and building (or restart the server in web apps).

A programming language (or framework) specific open mode provides easy way to do them.


  • elscreen (for open a file)
  • bundler (for rackup)

This needs elscreen to open a file (always create a new screen). If you are not using elscreen, change om-anything-c-open-candidate to match your needs.

How to Use

To use rack-open-mode, for example, add this to your .emacs.el.

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/this/directory")
(require 'rack-open-mode)
(rack-open-activate) ; automatically enable rack-open-mode in a project

rack-open-mode provides three key binds.

  • C-c C-r (rack-open-anything) Recursively search the project directory to make anything candidates.
  • C-c C-b (rack-open-grep-project) Search the project directory with rgrep.
  • C-c C-d (rack-open-rackup) (re)Rackup the project's You can see the log in *rackup* buffer

How to customize

open-mode.el provides basic functions to implement an open mode for your language and framework.

rack-open-mode will be a good example.

Basically, what you have to do is

  • defun rootp (which receive current path and return whether it is root).
  • defvar ignored (directories excluded from rgrep and anything candidates).
  • define a function to build, start server, or upload, like rack-open-rackup
  • rename rack-open-

If you got a good open-mode, please let me know by sending pull request!

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