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GoCD rocketchat notification plugin

This is a notification plugin for GoCD, which sends build failures to RocketChat.



  • link to failed stage
  • label of the pipeline with link to VSM view
  • links (only) failed jobs and link to console of each

Building the code base

To build the jar, run ./gradlew clean test jar


You need to install the jar on server in plugins/external directory. Then you must configure access to rocketchat and room for notifications on plugin settings page.


Configuring the plugin for GoCD on Kubernetes using Helm

Adding the plugin

  • In order to add this plugin, you have to use a local values.yaml file that will override the default values.yaml present in the official GoCD helm chart repo.
  • Add the .jar file link from the releases section to the env.extraEnvVars section as a new environment variable.
  • The environment variable name must have GOCD_PLUGIN_INSTALL prefixed to it.
  • Example
    - name: GOCD_PLUGIN_INSTALL_rocketchat
  • Make sure to add the link of the release you want to use.

  • Then applying the local values.yaml that has these values added to it will result in a new Go Server pod being created that has the plugin installed and running.


Please report bugs. For new features PRs are most welcome.


Apache License, Version 2.0