a customizable self-hosted homepage built with asp.net core
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a customizable self-hosted homepage built with asp.net core

My current plans

  • four built-in main modules
    • speed dial
      • two main features
      • #1: links in categories
      • #2: "goto console" that supports custom search engines, website shortcuts or anything you want
      • links have: name, color, icon (optional), url, weight (for ordering)
      • categories have: name, color, list of links, weight (for ordering)
      • "goto console" entries have: name, shorthand, parameterized url
      • the "goto console" can also open urls directly if you type '.' first
    • bookmarks
      • these have: name, url, description (optional), date of addition, tags (optional)
      • automatically archive site on the date of addition with archive.is
      • two extra (non-implicit) features
      • #1: quick way to add a bookmark (browser toolbar js button?)
      • #2: quick way to sort + tag uncategorized bookmarks
    • frame
      • this is to embed things like rss readers, GTD tools etc...
      • I don't want to implement a bunch of 3rd party APIs, so this seems like an easy solution
      • maybe css injection and other things could come in handy here
    • countdowns
    • countdown for non-immediate events
    • countdown items have: name, target datetime, description, weight (for ordering)
  • auth
    • for one user or multiple
    • could be disabled, or limited to editing only
    • content is same for all users
  • ability to add custom modules (I might do a sample for github stars, or reddit saved posts)
  • API first design, so clients can be easily built if needed
    • maybe expose some sort of bot api after 1.0 as that's going to be all the rage later
  • "principle of the single http call": load a heavily cached static site so it's fast (yeah I just made that principle up, but you get the jist)
    • to clarify a bit: a single call to the speed dial page should get all the content (including js, css and html) in one pass - I don't want to see browser redraws, or any JS running on the page (maybe analytics, but that could be done with redirects as well)
    • JS is fine in edit more
  • sqlite db
    • but maybe abstract that away so someone could change it around later if needed

Some sketches

Speed Dial speed dial

Bookmarks bookmarks

Speed dial edit speed dial edit