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On demand sensors are sensors which are updated by scripts when they are queried. Maybe the term sensor is being stretched a bit far. These sensors represent a single value over time and it's value is usually defined from data available in other sensors. For example we could define an on-demand sensor for maximum temperature in day. This sensor will update at midnight each day with a value of the maximum temperature over that day. So typical these sensors provide aggregated higher level data.

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This release features a new chart tab which allows you to declaratively create sophisticated charts based on the historical data you've captured. Charts are rendered in realtime in the UI. Charts are saved as scripts that can be saved and executed on demand.

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Sensors can now be a map of values rather than single numeric or boolean values. This is useful for things like RGB light levels, histograms etc.

Sensors can declare errors based upon their value, greater than, less than, equal, not equal.

Errors reporting in page template with link to filtered list of sensors with errors.

Improved stability for badly behaving scripts so that poll will not doubly execute, rather will skip if previous execution is still in progress.

New icons.