A realtime game editor for the FTE game engine
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craFTEr - realtime game editor for FTE game engine


craFTEr is just a test. Since FTE game engine (created by Spike) needs desperately an editor where creating levels, placing entities and so on, and since I hate NetRadiant / GTK Radiant family, I decided to create this little game editor where to place game entities in realtime. It's quite unusable right now, but it should have the following features in a(very) distant future:

  • Level editor
    • Moving / rotating / scaling entities in realtime
    • placing / duplicating / grouping entites
  • Game editor
    • Test level in realtime just pressing a button


  • Source code is released under MIT license (see license file in src folder)
  • Art assets (models, textures, sounds) are all created by me (Antonio "toneddu2000" Latronico) and released under CC0 license
  • GLSL shader files are property of respective authors. See license in every file before use