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Haxe type definitions for electron, a framework for building cross-platform desktop applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

test Haxelib Version


Release version

haxelib install electron

Development version

haxelib git electron

Generate Type Definitions

All type definitions are generated from electron-api.json by ElectronAPI.hx.
To (re)generate for another electron version download the description file from and run:

haxe --macro ElectronAPI.generate("optional/path/to/electron-api.json")

Build haxedoc.xml to insure everything is fine:

haxe haxedoc.hxml

By default hxelectron/electron-api.json is used if you ommit the path argument to your custom description file.


The haxe externs are attributed with following metadata:

  • @:electron_platforms(["Linux"|"macOS"|"Windows"]) the supporting platforms (only if specific).


Demo Application

Clone this repository and setup:

git clone
cd hxelectron/
haxelib dev electron .

Build and Run:

cd demo/
npm install # Install electron
npm run build # Build main.js, app.js
npm start # Run application