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There's a lot of information out there! What are some resources for learning Web Development for an absolute beginner?

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Do you want to be a web developer, or do you just want to build a website/ web app for your idea? There are lots of ways to shortcut learning if its the latter.

Do you even need a website? Are a Facebook page, Instagram account, Whatsapp for Business, Messenger for Business enough?

Building an ecommerce store? Shopify

Building a landing page? Strikingly, Squarespace or Wix

Disclaimer: YMMV

Ok, you think you want to be a web developer but you don't know if you'll be any good at it/ enjoy it.

Taking three years off to learn CS, while it might be better for your learning, might be a luxury you cannot afford either.

CS is important. But learning it the way CS students do might take too long, or might put you off. This is a suggested workaround.

I believe you should start with fun/ interactive projects. I've found that visual, immediate feedback is most important when learning something new.

So learn HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript.

Big Picture Roadmap

Front end

Sololearn JavaScript

Free Code Camp


  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Make a Website
  • Deploy a Website
  • Learn Responsive Design
  • Learn Sass
  • Introduction to JavaSCript
  • Introuction to jQuery

By this point, you've probably heard of all sorts of technology that "real developers" use instead of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery. Have you just been wasting your time?! These posts are essential context.

Modern JavaScript Explained for Dinosaurs

Modern CSS Explained for Dinosaurs

Back end

Learn programming in parallel with tools, best practices, career advice, other related fields like visual design and UX, and computer science fundamentals

Structured lists:

Computer Science:

The Imposter's Handbook (Advice: skip around)


Design for Non Designers

For inspiration and a supportive community:

Career Development advice:


Other people's success stories:

Local meetups/ communities: