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No longer maintained.

Focused on the LuaJIT implementation at omniajit.

Omnia -- Batteries included Lua

Compile Lua, Fennel and MoonScript source code into standalone executables. This makes it easy to use Lua/Fennel/Moonscript for system programming and general purpose scripting.

Another Lua 5.3 build system for standalone executables.

This was made possible by luastatic

Similar projects:

Requires: GNU Make, a compiler and binutils (or equivalent). Installing development tools e.g. the package build-essential should have everything you need. Does not require autotools.
Note: Linux and OS X only. xBSD soon.

Getting started

  1. Download a release or clone the repo: git clone --depth 1

  2. Edit the following space delimited variables in the top-level Makefile
    MAIN: The "main" script in the bin/ directory
    SRC: Modules that are specific to your application. Copy these to src/lua.
    SRC_DIR: Directories containing modules that are specific to your application. Copy these to src/lua.
    SRC_C: C modules that are specific to your application. Copy these to src/c.
    VENDOR: 3rd party modules
    VENDOR_DIR: directories containing 3rd party modules
    VENDOR_C: 3rd party C modules

  3. Copy the main source file into the bin/ directory.

  4. Copy modules into src/lua/ or vendor/lua/.

The SRC, VENDOR split is just for organization. Underneath they are using the same Make routines.

Run make during development or make release for the final executable without debug symbols in bin/.
If you want to link statically run make release STATIC=1

You can also use omnia as a base of the monorepo of your Lua/Fennel/Moonscript code.

Adding plain Lua, Fennel and MoonScript modules. (NOTE: VENDOR and SRC are interchangeable.)

Adding plain modules is trivial. $(NAME) is the name of the module passed to VENDOR.

  1. Copy the module to vendor/lua/$(NAME).{lua,fnl,moon}
    example: cp ~/Downloads/dkjson.lua vendor/lua
  2. Add $(NAME) to VENDOR
    example: VENDOR= re dkjson

For modules that are split into multile files, such as Penlight:

  1. Copy the directory of the Lua module to vendor/lua/$(NAME)
    example: cp -R ~/Download/Penlight-1.3.1/lua/pl vendor/lua
  2. Add $(NAME) to VENDOR_DIR
    example: VENDOR_DIR= pl

For modules with multiple levels of directories you will have to pass each directory. Example:
VENDOR_DIR= ldoc ldoc/builtin ldoc/html

Lua does not have the facilities to traverse directories and I'd like to avoid shell out functions.

Adding C modules

  1. Provide a Makefile in vendor/c/$(NAME)/Makefile. See existing modules such as luaposix and lpeg for pointers.
  2. Add $(NAME) to VENDOR_C


The default make target is development which runs Luacheck against your Lua source code.

Luacov is also integrated. Just run the your test code with Luacov loaded e.g. bin/lua -lluacov tests.lua. Then bin/luacov.lua to generate the report.

Example application using omnia

The included Lua script might be too simplistic to demonstrate Omnia. For a more complicated application check my 'fork' of LDoc

Fennel and MoonScript support

Just treat Fennel/MoonScript source the same as Lua source. The Make routines will handle the compilation of Fennel/MoonScript sources and link the appropriate compiled Lua source to the final executable.

The MoonScript standard library is included but you have to add moon to the VENDOR line in the Makefile.

A copy of the MoonScript REPL moor is also included. To compile, run make bin/moor. A copy of the upstream Fennel REPL and compiler is also included. To compile, run make bin/fennel.

Included projects

Project Version License
Lua 5.3.5 MIT
luastatic 0.0.9-dev CC0
MoonScript 0.5.0 MIT
linenoise lua-linenoise BSD 2C
moonpick HEAD MIT
luacheck 0.19.0 MIT
luacov 0.12.0 MIT

Available modules (Feel free to open a Github issue if you want help with adding a new Lua module.)

Module Version License
Luaposix[1] 34.0 MIT
Linotify 0.5 MIT
LPeg 1.0.1 MIT
lsocket[2] 1.4 MIT
luafilesystem 1.6.3 MIT
lua-linenoise 0.9 MIT
inspect.lua 3.1.0 MIT
cimicida HEAD MIT
u-test HEAD MIT
factid HEAD MIT
Lua-cURLv3 b4d1d79 MIT
argparse 0.5.0 MIT
dkjson c23a579 MIT
lua-ConciseSerialization 0.2.1 MIT
luaproxy 6d7bb0c BSD 3C
luatweetnacl 0.5-1 MIT
lua-array 676ba83 MIT
lpty 1.2.2 MIT
uuid HEAD Apache
ftcsv 1.1.6 MIT

[1] posix.deprecated and posix.compat removed
[2] Does not include the async resolver