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ARM EC2 Instance Tutorial

This CloudFormation stack launches an ARM-based EC2 A1 Instance Type for testing.

  1. It builds a Docker image
  2. Runs the Docker container
  3. Tests it by curling it

The app in the Docker image is a small sinatra app for testing, source code for it is here: tongueroo/sinatra


It is an lono project. Adjust config/params/base/ec2.txt with a KeyName that is available on your AWS account before running the commands below. The commands launches a CloudFormation stack which creates an EC2 instance opening up security group port 22 and 4657 for testing.

IMPORTANT: You'll need to adjust config/params/base/ec2.txt with a KeyName that is available on your AWS account. Here are the commands:


$ git clone
$ cd arm-ec2-instance-tutorial # Remember to adjust config/params/ec2.txt with your KeyNmae
$ bundle
$ lono cfn create ec2 --template ec2
Using template: output/templates/ec2.yml
Using parameters: config/params/development/ec2.txt
Creating ec2-pee stack...
No detected app/scripts
Generating CloudFormation templates:
Parameters passed to cfn.create_stack:
stack_name: ec2-pee
- parameter_key: KeyName
  parameter_value: default
disable_rollback: false
template_body: 'Hidden due to size... View at: output/templates/ec2.yml'
Creating ec2-pee stack.
Waiting for stack to complete
04:11:01AM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ec2-pee User Initiated
04:11:05AM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup InstanceSecurityGroup
04:11:10AM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup InstanceSecurityGroup Resource creation Initiated
04:11:10AM CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::EC2::SecurityGroup InstanceSecurityGroup
04:11:13AM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::EC2::Instance EC2Instance
04:11:14AM CREATE_IN_PROGRESS AWS::EC2::Instance EC2Instance Resource creation Initiated
04:11:22AM CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::EC2::Instance EC2Instance
04:11:24AM CREATE_COMPLETE AWS::CloudFormation::Stack ec2-pee
Stack success status: CREATE_COMPLETE
Time took for stack deployment: 25s.

If you prefer not to use lono, you can use the aws cli to launch the stack also:

aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name=ec2-$(date +%s) --template-body file://raw/ec2.yml --parameters ParameterKey=KeyName,ParameterValue=default

Remember to substitute default for your KeyName value. Also note, the date +%s command is used to add a random suffix.