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Lono Current

Sets current values so you do not have to provide the options repeatedly. This shortens the commands.

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Create a demo stack and set it as the current stack name.

lono cfn create demo

The normal update and preview commands are:

lono cfn update demo
lono cfn preview demo

Shortened commands:

lono cfn current --name demo
lono cfn update
lono cfn delete
lono cfn preview
lono cfn diff
lono cfn download
lono cfn status

The stack name is not longer required because it is set as the current name.

Suffix Example

Random suffixes can help streamlined your development workflow.

lono cfn current --suffix random
lono cfn create demo
lono cfn update demo-abc # generated random suffix was abc
lono cfn current --name demo-abc
lono cfn update
lono cfn update # update again

In this way, you can create multiple stacks continuously and random suffixes will be appended to the stack name. Then set the current stack name to the one are focused on updating and developing.

Remove all settings

To remove all current settings.

$ lono cfn current --rm
Current settings have been removed. Removed .lono/current


  • The current name setting does not apply to the lono create method. The create method requires that you explicitly specify the name: lono create STACK_NAME. The create command uses the --suffix option only.
  • The current name setting applies on commands that refer to existing stacks like update, delete, preview, diff and download.

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