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#ifndef S3FS_CURL_H_
#define S3FS_CURL_H_
// memory structure for curl write memory callback
struct BodyStruct {
char *text;
size_t size;
// memory structure for POST
struct WriteThis {
const char *readptr;
int sizeleft;
typedef std::pair<double, double> progress_t;
extern int retries;
extern long connect_timeout;
extern time_t readwrite_timeout;
extern bool debug;
extern std::string program_name;
extern std::string ssl_verify_hostname;
CURL *create_curl_handle(void);
void destroy_curl_handle(CURL *curl_handle);
int my_curl_easy_perform(CURL* curl, BodyStruct* body = NULL, FILE* f = 0);
size_t WriteMemoryCallback(void *ptr, size_t blockSize, size_t numBlocks, void *data);
size_t read_callback(void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, void *userp);
int my_curl_progress(
void *clientp, double dltotal, double dlnow, double ultotal, double ulnow);
void locate_bundle(void);
#endif // S3FS_CURL_H_
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