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Reduce lag on your Cuberite server by automatically removing entities and unloading chunks.


  • Clear all entities (configurable time)

  • Limit mobs

  • Unload unused chunks


Command Permission Description
/lagg clearlagg.lagg Use the /lagg command.
/lagg clear clearlagg.lagg Clears all entities on the server.
/lagg check clearlagg.lagg Shows the amount of entities on the server.
/lagg killmobs clearlagg.lagg Kills all mobs on the server.
/lagg info clearlagg.lagg Shows information about the server.
/lagg unloadchunks clearlagg.lagg Unloads unused chunks.

Settings (settings.lua)


TimeToRemove = 300 - Time until clearing all entities (in seconds, default 5 minutes)

RemovePickups = true - If true, pickups will be cleared

RemoveProjectiles = true - If true, projectiles will be cleared

RemoveMobs = false - If true, all mobs will be removed


MaxMobsInChunk = 6 - Max mobs in the same chunk

Monsters = 100 - Max monsters in world

Passive = 50 - Max passive mobs in world

Ambient = 15 - Max ambient mobs in world

Water = 15 - Max water mobs in world