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An open source remake of the Dungeon Keeper II game and engine.

Goal is to fully implement the game (version 1.7 with 3 bonus packs) as open source cross platform version, with minimal or no changes at all, using the original game assets. So it will require the original game to play / develop. Future development could have fan made graphics (to at least enable standalone version) and features.

OpenKeeper is written in Java using JMonkeyEngine. Currently we are using JME 3.6 + Java 21.

Builds are available from the CI:

Build Status

Here is my YouTube channel where I sometimes publish videos of the progress.


For persistent discussion and/or feedback, try this forum at Also we have opened a Discord channel.


We are always looking for talented people to join us. I'll try to create as many issues I possibly can and keep them simple and small. You can start from these or come join us on IRC or email. Pull requests are always welcome! See how to set up the project.

Please keep in mind:

  • Learn to use GIT (forking, pull requests, etc)

  • Coding style

    • Global variables on top
    • Javadoc on at least public & protected methods
    • Organize imports
    • Default Netbeans code formatting
    • Code header (the license)
  • One feature per branch / commit

  • If in doubt, ask! :)


GNU GPLv3 or later. You should add license.txt to your IDE to appear as automatic header in code files.