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A django-productline feature to enable user functionality for non-admin multiuser scenarios. Builds upon django.auth and provides signup, confirmation email, and password reset functionality.

This is a django-productline feature:


pip install -e git+


users provides an abstract model and urlpatterns to enable custom user models featuring:

  • confirmation emails when a user is created
  • password reset process when a user forgot his password
  • admin actions to manually send confirmation emails

The users feature is designed for scenarios where you have a user base and dont want to set or reset each user's password manually. You can use it in admin scenarios or non-admin scenarios.

Integrating djpl-users can be accomplished in 4 steps:

  1. Add users to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS or add the feature to your product
  2. Create your own user model extending AbstractUser
  3. Register your custom user model users.register(modelclass, config)
  4. Add the urlpatterns (usermodel.get_urlpatterns)

As the feature sends emails, be sure to introduce the necessary email server configuration in your settings.

Your models

Just extend AbstractUser and register your new model.

from django.db import models
from users.models import AbstractUser
import users

class FooUser(AbstractUser):

    someadditionalfield = models.CharField(max_length=255)

users.register(FooUser, dict(
    APP_LABEL = 'myappname', # used for prefixing the urlnames
    URL_PREFIX = 'myurlprefix', # all users urls are prefixed with that string
    FROM_EMAIL = '', # your from email
    CONFIRM_EMAIL_SUBJECT = 'your new FooApp account', # the subject of the email
    LOGIN_URL = 'login/', # the login url relative to the URL_PREFIX
    LOGOUT_REDIRECT_URL = '/ciao/',
    USE_USER_EMAIL = False, # indicate whether to use the email of this user or not; for debugging set to false;
    ADDITIONALLY_SEND_TO = [], # additionally send these emails to

Your urlpatterns

from foo.models import FooUser


urlpatterns += FooUser.get_urlpatterns()

from django.contrib import admin
from users.admin import UserAdmin
from foo.models import FooUser

class FooUserAdmin(UserAdmin):
    pass, FooUserAdmin)




If you need non-admin users with all the signup, confirmation email and password reset stuff




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