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  1. Requirements: Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit or newer.

  2. Visual Studio 2017 Community with the following feature: "Desktop Development with C++" with follow option: -"Support Windows XP for C++" -"Windows 8.1 SDK UCRT SDK" -"Windows 10 SDK 10.0.17763.0"

  3. Download and Install the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). 16299 (1709) or newer.

    Download Link ->

  4. Download the zip packages include and lib "" and create the directory "c:\dev" and extract all. When finished you have "c:\dev\include" and "c:\dev\lib"

    Download Link ->

  5. Download WinUAE source packages and extract all (anywhere you want).

    Download Link -> or (preferably) use git client.

  6. Download the zip package and extract into WinUAE source directory.

    Download Link ->

  7. Download and Install Nasm (Assembler Compiler) and put it in PATH

  8. In Visual Studio click on "File"->"Open"->"Project/Solution" select the folder \od-win32\winuae_msvc15\winuae_msvc.sln (Ignore error message "Unsupported" and click ok)

  9. In The solution 'winuae_msvc' you can unload or delete the following projects (and all others not needed in step 12): -uaeunp -consolewrapper -decompess -fdrawcmd -ipctester -resourcedll -singlefilehelper -wix

  10. Change to 32-bit Release mode.

  11. Build following projects in following order: build68k genlinetoscr genblitter gencpu gencomp prowizard unpackers

  12. Switch to Test (debug build) or FullRelease (full optimized) and select either 32-bit or 64-bit. Compile.

Finished. In "D:\Amiga" you find winuae.exe and winuae64.exe