Client-side Sieve and Managesieve library written in Python.
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Client-side Sieve and Managesieve library written in Python.

  • Sieve : An Email Filtering Language (RFC 5228)
  • ManageSieve : A Protocol for Remotely Managing Sieve Scripts (RFC 5804)


To install sievelib from PyPI:

pip install sievelib

To install sievelib from git:

git clone
cd sievelib
python ./ install

Sieve tools

What is supported

Currently, the provided parser supports most of the functionalities described in the RFC. The only exception concerns section Encoding Characters Using "encoded-character" which is not supported.

The following extensions are also supported:

The following extensions are partially supported:

  • Checking Mailbox Status and Accessing Mailbox Metadata (RFC 5490)

Extending the parser

It is possible to extend the parser by adding new supported commands. For example:

import sievelib

class MyCommand(sievelib.commands.ActionCommand):
    args_definition = [
        {"name": "testtag",
            "type": ["tag"],
            "write_tag": True,
            "values": [":testtag"],
            "extra_arg": {"type": "number",
                          "required": False},
            "required": False},
        {"name": "recipients",
            "type": ["string", "stringlist"],
            "required": True}


Basic usage

The parser can either be used from the command-line:

$ cd sievelib
$ python test.sieve
Syntax OK

Or can be used from a python environment (or script/module):

>>> from sievelib.parser import Parser
>>> p = Parser()
>>> p.parse('require ["fileinto"];')
>>> p.dump()
require (type: control)
>>> p.parse('require ["fileinto"]')
>>> p.error
'line 1: parsing error: end of script reached while semicolon expected'

Simple filters creation

Some high-level classes are provided with the factory module, they make the generation of Sieve rules easier:

>>> from sievelib.factory import FiltersSet
>>> fs = FiltersSet("test")
>>> fs.addfilter("rule1",
...              [("Sender", ":is", ""),],
...              [("fileinto", "Toto"),])
>>> fs.tosieve()
require ["fileinto"];

# Filter: rule1
if anyof (header :is "Sender" "") {
    fileinto "Toto";

Additional documentation is available within source code.

ManageSieve tools

What is supported

All mandatory commands are supported. The RENAME extension is supported, with a simulated behaviour for server that do not support it.

For the AUTHENTICATE command, supported mechanisms are DIGEST-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN.

Basic usage

The ManageSieve client is intended to be used from another python application (there isn't any shell provided):

>>> from sievelib.managesieve import Client
>>> c = Client("")
>>> c.connect("user", "password", starttls=False, authmech="DIGEST-MD5")
>>> c.listscripts()
("active_script", ["script1", "script2"])
>>> c.setactive("script1")
>>> c.havespace("script3", 45)

Additional documentation is available with source code.