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Profiling tools for redisparse

Some command line utilities for analyzing benchmark data. Maybe sometime I'll move them to separate repo.

Single run

node bench
node bench --parser node_redis
node bench --filter ping

Available parsers include redisparse, node_redis, node_redis_old and hiredis. Defaults to redisparse.

Include profiler data in benchmarks:

node bench --profiler

Merge many JSON results.

node bench/merge file_1 [file_2] ... [file_n]

Without temporary files:

node bench/merge <({node bench; node bench --parser node_redis})

DO NOT DO THIS! It will make tests to run in parallel, causing useless results.

  #This example is wrong
  node bench/merge <(node bench) <(node bench --parser node_redis)

Use manytimes to add precision.

node bench/merge <(manytimes 5 node bench)

Pretty print

Pipe the JSON output through node bench/format.

Complete example

Run all tests 5 times for every parser and format output.

node bench/merge <({manytimes 5 node bench; manytimes 5 node bench --parser node_redis; manytimes 5 node bench --parser node_redis_old; manytimes 5 node bench --parser hiredis}) | node bench/format