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A blog/cms extension for spree.

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Wordsmith 1.2

A blog/news extension for spree. Includes comments. Chose the name wordsmith since spree-blog already exists. I decided I wanted something different so came up with the unique name.


'script/extension install git://'

rake gems:install

rake db:migrate

All authors for the blog should be given a display name in the admin/users edit form. A new display_name field is added to the spree users table.

Edit preferences in wordsmith_extension.rb



New Posts can be created in the admin section http://localhost:3000/admin/posts

Posts have unique permalinks created for all new post entries. The permalink can be modified after initial save.

By default the excerpt will be created with the first 50 characters of the body.

RedCloth is used for post formatting.

is_taggable gem is used for adding tags to each post.


Comments can be opened or closed. The comment form displays on the post page when enabled for the specific post.

Comments are now managed by Disqus via the disqus gem,


View the blog at http://localhost:3000/blog or the defined slug from the preferences.

A partial for the sidebar is available that shows recent posts.


There are 3 rss feeds.

http://localhost:3000/blog.rss - All Posts

http://localhost:3000/.rss - Comments for individual post

http://localhost:3000/comments.rss - Recent comments for entire site


Integrated portions of spree-static-content,

Under Admin section add pages for static-content.

Use helper page_link() to print link to page.



Default settings are set in the wordsmith_extension.rb file. There is also an wordsmith_settings screen in the admin section to manage the preference values. The blog home permalink requires a server restart so it can only be edited in the extension file.


  • improve permalinks for posts

  • wysiwyg editor for blog posts

  • better integration with Spree users on comments and posts

  • spam filtering for comments

  • filtering by tags

  • tag sidebar partial

  • tests


created by Matt Anderson

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