US president county-level election results for 2012 and 2016
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County-Level Presidential General Election Results for 2012 - 2016

Presidential election results for 2012 and 2016 from The Guardian and

2012 election results at county-level are taken from results published in an Excel file by the Guardian.

2016 election results at the county-level are scraped from results published by Their well-formatted county-level result tables for the 2016 presidential general election makes it easy for a web scraper like beautifulsoup to capture results.

Credit to the web and data teams from The Guardian and for investing resources to make these data available.

Idea for 2012 election results from tweet to John A Guerra Gomez. Idea for 2016 election results from tweet to DJ Patil

To run

Place in your favorite iPython / Jupyter notebook environment.

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in a shell based environment. Or open up the shell command and issue the docker command in a Windows environment.