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(ns ^:no-doc ^:lean-ns datascript.db
#?(:cljs [goog.array :as garray])
[me.tonsky.persistent-sorted-set :as set]
[me.tonsky.persistent-sorted-set.arrays :as arrays])
#?(:cljs (:require-macros [datascript.db :refer [case-tree combine-cmp raise defrecord-updatable cond+]]))
(:refer-clojure :exclude [seqable?]))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(def Exception js/Error)
(def IllegalArgumentException js/Error)
(def UnsupportedOperationException js/Error)))
(def ^:const e0 0)
(def ^:const tx0 0x20000000)
(def ^:const emax 0x7FFFFFFF)
(def ^:const txmax 0x7FFFFFFF)
(def ^:const implicit-schema {:db/ident {:db/unique :db.unique/identity}})
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defmacro raise [& fragments]
(let [msgs (butlast fragments)
data (last fragments)]
`(throw (ex-info (str ~@(map (fn [m#] (if (string? m#) m# (list 'pr-str m#))) msgs)) ~data)))))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean seqable?]
:cljs [^boolean seqable?])
(and (not (string? x))
#?(:cljs (or (cljs.core/seqable? x)
(arrays/array? x))
:clj (or (seq? x)
(instance? clojure.lang.Seqable x)
(nil? x)
(instance? Iterable x)
(arrays/array? x)
(instance? java.util.Map x)))))
(defmacro cond+ [& clauses]
(when-some [[test expr & rest] clauses]
(case test
:let `(let ~expr (cond+ ~@rest))
`(if ~test ~expr (cond+ ~@rest))))))
(defmacro some-of
([] nil)
([x] x)
([x & more]
`(let [x# ~x] (if (nil? x#) (some-of ~@more) x#)))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; macros and funcs to support writing defrecords and updating
;; (replacing) builtins, i.e., Object/hashCode, IHashEq hasheq, etc.
;; code taken from prismatic:
(defn- cljs-env?
"Take the &env from a macro, and tell whether we are expanding into cljs."
(boolean (:ns env)))
(defmacro if-cljs
"Return then if we are generating cljs code and else for Clojure code."
[then else]
(if (cljs-env? &env) then else)))
(defn combine-hashes [x y]
#?(:clj (clojure.lang.Util/hashCombine x y)
:cljs (hash-combine x y)))
(defn- get-sig [method]
;; expects something like '(method-symbol [arg arg arg] ...)
;; if the thing matches, returns [fully-qualified-symbol arity], otherwise nil
(and (sequential? method)
(symbol? (first method))
(vector? (second method))
(let [sym (first method)
ns (or (some->> sym resolve meta :ns str) "clojure.core")]
[(symbol ns (name sym)) (-> method second count)]))))
(defn- dedupe-interfaces [deftype-form]
;; get the interfaces list, remove any duplicates, similar to remove-nil-implements in potemkin
;; verified w/ deftype impl in compiler:
;; (deftype* tagname classname [fields] :implements [interfaces] :tag tagname methods*)
(let [[deftype* tagname classname fields implements interfaces & rest] deftype-form]
(when (or (not= deftype* 'deftype*) (not= implements :implements))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "deftype-form mismatch")))
(list* deftype* tagname classname fields implements (vec (distinct interfaces)) rest))))
(defn- make-record-updatable-clj [name fields & impls]
(let [impl-map (->> impls (map (juxt get-sig identity)) (filter first) (into {}))
body (macroexpand-1 (list* 'defrecord name fields impls))]
(fn [form]
(if (and (sequential? form) (= 'deftype* (first form)))
(->> form
(remove (fn [method]
(when-some [impl (-> method get-sig impl-map)]
(not= method impl)))))
(defn- make-record-updatable-cljs [name fields & impls]
(defrecord ~name ~fields)
(extend-type ~name ~@impls))))
(defmacro defrecord-updatable [name fields & impls]
~(apply make-record-updatable-cljs name fields impls)
~(apply make-record-updatable-clj name fields impls))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(declare hash-datom equiv-datom seq-datom nth-datom assoc-datom val-at-datom)
(defprotocol IDatom
(datom-tx [this])
(datom-added [this]))
(deftype Datom #?(:clj [^int e a v ^int tx ^:unsynchronized-mutable ^int _hash]
:cljs [^number e a v ^number tx ^:mutable ^number _hash])
(datom-tx [d] (if (pos? tx) tx (- tx)))
(datom-added [d] (pos? tx))
(-hash [d] (if (zero? _hash)
(set! _hash (hash-datom d))
(-equiv [d o] (and (instance? Datom o) (equiv-datom d o)))
(-seq [d] (seq-datom d))
(-lookup [d k] (val-at-datom d k nil))
(-lookup [d k nf] (val-at-datom d k nf))
(-nth [this i] (nth-datom this i))
(-nth [this i not-found] (nth-datom this i not-found))
(-assoc [d k v] (assoc-datom d k v))
(-pr-writer [d writer opts]
(pr-sequential-writer writer pr-writer
"#datascript/Datom [" " " "]"
opts [(.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d) (datom-added d)]))]
(hashCode [d]
(if (zero? _hash)
(let [h (int (hash-datom d))]
(set! _hash h)
(toString [d] (pr-str d))
(hasheq [d] (.hashCode d))
(seq [d] (seq-datom d))
(equiv [d o] (and (instance? Datom o) (equiv-datom d o)))
(empty [d] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "empty is not supported on Datom")))
(count [d] 5)
(cons [d [k v]] (assoc-datom d k v))
(nth [this i] (nth-datom this i))
(nth [this i not-found] (nth-datom this i not-found))
(valAt [d k] (val-at-datom d k nil))
(valAt [d k nf] (val-at-datom d k nf))
(entryAt [d k] (some->> (val-at-datom d k nil) (clojure.lang.MapEntry k)))
(containsKey [e k] (#{:e :a :v :tx :added} k))
(assoc [d k v] (assoc-datom d k v))]
#?(:cljs (goog/exportSymbol "datascript.db.Datom" Datom))
(defn ^Datom datom
([e a v] (Datom. e a v tx0 0))
([e a v tx] (Datom. e a v tx 0))
([e a v tx added] (Datom. e a v (if added tx (- tx)) 0)))
(defn datom? [x] (instance? Datom x))
(defn- hash-datom [^Datom d]
(-> (hash (.-e d))
(combine-hashes (hash (.-a d)))
(combine-hashes (hash (.-v d)))))
(defn- equiv-datom [^Datom d ^Datom o]
(and (== (.-e d) (.-e o))
(= (.-a d) (.-a o))
(= (.-v d) (.-v o))))
(defn- seq-datom [^Datom d]
(list (.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d) (datom-added d)))
;; keep it fast by duplicating for both keyword and string cases
;; instead of using sets or some other matching func
(defn- val-at-datom [^Datom d k not-found]
(case k
:e (.-e d) "e" (.-e d)
:a (.-a d) "a" (.-a d)
:v (.-v d) "v" (.-v d)
:tx (datom-tx d)
"tx" (datom-tx d)
:added (datom-added d)
"added" (datom-added d)
(defn- nth-datom
([^Datom d ^long i]
(case i
0 (.-e d)
1 (.-a d)
2 (.-v d)
3 (datom-tx d)
4 (datom-added d)
#?(:clj (throw (IndexOutOfBoundsException.))
:cljs (throw (js/Error. (str "Datom/-nth: Index out of bounds: " i))))))
([^Datom d ^long i not-found]
(case i
0 (.-e d)
1 (.-a d)
2 (.-v d)
3 (datom-tx d)
4 (datom-added d)
(defn- ^Datom assoc-datom [^Datom d k v]
(case k
:e (datom v (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d) (datom-added d))
:a (datom (.-e d) v (.-v d) (datom-tx d) (datom-added d))
:v (datom (.-e d) (.-a d) v (datom-tx d) (datom-added d))
:tx (datom (.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) v (datom-added d))
:added (datom (.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d) v)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str "invalid key for #datascript/Datom: " k)))))
;; printing and reading
;; #datomic/DB {:schema <map>, :datoms <vector of [e a v tx]>}
(defn ^Datom datom-from-reader [vec]
(apply datom vec))
(defmethod print-method Datom [^Datom d, ^ w]
(.write w (str "#datascript/Datom "))
(binding [*out* w]
(pr [(.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d) (datom-added d)]))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; datom cmp macros/funcs
(defmacro combine-cmp [& comps]
(loop [comps (reverse comps)
res (num 0)]
(if (not-empty comps)
(next comps)
`(let [c# ~(first comps)]
(if (== 0 c#)
(defn- -case-tree [queries variants]
(if queries
(let [v1 (take (/ (count variants) 2) variants)
v2 (drop (/ (count variants) 2) variants)]
(list 'if (first queries)
(-case-tree (next queries) v1)
(-case-tree (next queries) v2)))
(first variants))))
(defmacro case-tree [qs vs]
(-case-tree qs vs)))
(defn cmp [o1 o2]
(if (nil? o1) 0
(if (nil? o2) 0
(compare o1 o2))))
;; Slower cmp-* fns allows for datom fields to be nil.
;; Such datoms come from slice method where they are used as boundary markers.
(defn cmp-datoms-eavt [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(cmp (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(cmp (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
(defn cmp-datoms-aevt [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(cmp (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(cmp (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
(defn cmp-datoms-avet [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(cmp (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(cmp (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
;; fast versions without nil checks
(defn- cmp-attr-quick [a1 a2]
;; either both are keywords or both are strings
(if (keyword? a1)
(-compare a1 a2)
(garray/defaultCompare a1 a2))
(.compareTo ^Comparable a1 a2)))
(defn cmp-datoms-eavt-quick [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(cmp-attr-quick (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(compare (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
(defn cmp-datoms-aevt-quick [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(cmp-attr-quick (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(compare (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
(defn cmp-datoms-avet-quick [^Datom d1, ^Datom d2]
(cmp-attr-quick (.-a d1) (.-a d2))
(compare (.-v d1) (.-v d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (.-e d1) (.-e d2))
(#?(:clj Integer/compare :cljs -) (datom-tx d1) (datom-tx d2))))
(defn- diff-sorted [a b cmp]
(loop [only-a []
only-b []
both []
a a
b b]
(empty? a) [(not-empty only-a) (not-empty (into only-b b)) (not-empty both)]
(empty? b) [(not-empty (into only-a a)) (not-empty only-b) (not-empty both)]
(let [first-a (first a)
first-b (first b)
diff (cmp first-a first-b)]
(== diff 0) (recur only-a only-b (conj both first-a) (next a) (next b))
(< diff 0) (recur (conj only-a first-a) only-b both (next a) b)
(> diff 0) (recur only-a (conj only-b first-b) both a (next b)))))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;;;;;;;;; Searching
(defprotocol ISearch
(-search [data pattern]))
(defprotocol IIndexAccess
(-datoms [db index components])
(-seek-datoms [db index components])
(-rseek-datoms [db index components])
(-index-range [db attr start end]))
(defprotocol IDB
(-schema [db])
(-attrs-by [db property]))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(declare hash-db hash-fdb equiv-db empty-db resolve-datom validate-attr components->pattern indexing?)
#?(:cljs (declare pr-db))
(defn db-transient [db]
(-> db
(update :eavt transient)
(update :aevt transient)
(update :avet transient)))
(defn db-persistent! [db]
(-> db
(update :eavt persistent!)
(update :aevt persistent!)
(update :avet persistent!)))
(defrecord-updatable DB [schema eavt aevt avet max-eid max-tx rschema hash]
[IHash (-hash [db] (hash-db db))
IEquiv (-equiv [db other] (equiv-db db other))
ISeqable (-seq [db] (-seq (.-eavt db)))
IReversible (-rseq [db] (-rseq (.-eavt db)))
ICounted (-count [db] (count (.-eavt db)))
IEmptyableCollection (-empty [db] (with-meta (empty-db (.-schema db)) (meta db)))
IPrintWithWriter (-pr-writer [db w opts] (pr-db db w opts))
IEditableCollection (-as-transient [db] (db-transient db))
ITransientCollection (-conj! [db key] (throw (ex-info "datascript.DB/conj! is not supported" {})))
(-persistent! [db] (db-persistent! db))]
[Object (hashCode [db] (hash-db db))
clojure.lang.IHashEq (hasheq [db] (hash-db db))
clojure.lang.Seqable (seq [db] (seq eavt))
(count [db] (count eavt))
(equiv [db other] (equiv-db db other))
(empty [db] (with-meta (empty-db schema) (meta db)))
(asTransient [db] (db-transient db))
(conj [db key] (throw (ex-info "datascript.DB/conj! is not supported" {})))
(persistent [db] (db-persistent! db))])
(-schema [db] (.-schema db))
(-attrs-by [db property] ((.-rschema db) property))
(-search [db pattern]
(let [[e a v tx] pattern
eavt (.-eavt db)
aevt (.-aevt db)
avet (.-avet db)]
(case-tree [e a (some? v) tx]
[(set/slice eavt (datom e a v tx) (datom e a v tx)) ;; e a v tx
(set/slice eavt (datom e a v tx0) (datom e a v txmax)) ;; e a v _
(->> (set/slice eavt (datom e a nil tx0) (datom e a nil txmax)) ;; e a _ tx
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= tx (datom-tx d)))))
(set/slice eavt (datom e a nil tx0) (datom e a nil txmax)) ;; e a _ _
(->> (set/slice eavt (datom e nil nil tx0) (datom e nil nil txmax)) ;; e _ v tx
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (and (= v (.-v d))
(= tx (datom-tx d))))))
(->> (set/slice eavt (datom e nil nil tx0) (datom e nil nil txmax)) ;; e _ v _
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= v (.-v d)))))
(->> (set/slice eavt (datom e nil nil tx0) (datom e nil nil txmax)) ;; e _ _ tx
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= tx (datom-tx d)))))
(set/slice eavt (datom e nil nil tx0) (datom e nil nil txmax)) ;; e _ _ _
(if (indexing? db a) ;; _ a v tx
(->> (set/slice avet (datom e0 a v tx0) (datom emax a v txmax))
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= tx (datom-tx d)))))
(->> (set/slice aevt (datom e0 a nil tx0) (datom emax a nil txmax))
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (and (= v (.-v d))
(= tx (datom-tx d)))))))
(if (indexing? db a) ;; _ a v _
(set/slice avet (datom e0 a v tx0) (datom emax a v txmax))
(->> (set/slice aevt (datom e0 a nil tx0) (datom emax a nil txmax))
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= v (.-v d))))))
(->> (set/slice aevt (datom e0 a nil tx0) (datom emax a nil txmax)) ;; _ a _ tx
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= tx (datom-tx d)))))
(set/slice aevt (datom e0 a nil tx0) (datom emax a nil txmax)) ;; _ a _ _
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (and (= v (.-v d))
(= tx (datom-tx d)))) eavt) ;; _ _ v tx
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= v (.-v d))) eavt) ;; _ _ v _
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (= tx (datom-tx d))) eavt) ;; _ _ _ tx
eavt]))) ;; _ _ _ _
(-datoms [db index cs]
(set/slice (get db index) (components->pattern db index cs e0 tx0) (components->pattern db index cs emax txmax)))
(-seek-datoms [db index cs]
(set/slice (get db index) (components->pattern db index cs e0 tx0) (datom emax nil nil txmax)))
(-rseek-datoms [db index cs]
(set/rslice (get db index) (components->pattern db index cs emax txmax) (datom e0 nil nil tx0)))
(-index-range [db attr start end]
(when-not (indexing? db attr)
(raise "Attribute " attr " should be marked as :db/index true" {}))
(validate-attr attr (list '-index-range 'db attr start end))
(set/slice (.-avet db)
(resolve-datom db nil attr start nil e0 tx0)
(resolve-datom db nil attr end nil emax txmax)))
(equality-partition [x] :datascript/db)
(diff-similar [a b]
(diff-sorted (:eavt a) (:eavt b) cmp-datoms-eavt-quick)))
(defn db? [x]
(and (satisfies? ISearch x)
(satisfies? IIndexAccess x)
(satisfies? IDB x)))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defrecord-updatable FilteredDB [unfiltered-db pred hash]
[IHash (-hash [db] (hash-fdb db))
IEquiv (-equiv [db other] (equiv-db db other))
ISeqable (-seq [db] (seq (-datoms db :eavt [])))
ICounted (-count [db] (count (-datoms db :eavt [])))
IPrintWithWriter (-pr-writer [db w opts] (pr-db db w opts))
IEmptyableCollection (-empty [_] (throw (js/Error. "-empty is not supported on FilteredDB")))
ILookup (-lookup ([_ _] (throw (js/Error. "-lookup is not supported on FilteredDB")))
([_ _ _] (throw (js/Error. "-lookup is not supported on FilteredDB"))))
IAssociative (-contains-key? [_ _] (throw (js/Error. "-contains-key? is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(-assoc [_ _ _] (throw (js/Error. "-assoc is not supported on FilteredDB")))]
[Object (hashCode [db] (hash-fdb db))
clojure.lang.IHashEq (hasheq [db] (hash-fdb db))
(count [db] (count (-datoms db :eavt [])))
(equiv [db o] (equiv-db db o))
(cons [db [k v]] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "cons is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(empty [db] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "empty is not supported on FilteredDB")))
clojure.lang.Seqable (seq [db] (seq (-datoms db :eavt [])))
clojure.lang.ILookup (valAt [db k] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "valAt/2 is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(valAt [db k nf] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "valAt/3 is not supported on FilteredDB")))
clojure.lang.IKeywordLookup (getLookupThunk [db k]
(throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "getLookupThunk is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(containsKey [e k] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "containsKey is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(entryAt [db k] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "entryAt is not supported on FilteredDB")))
(assoc [db k v] (throw (UnsupportedOperationException. "assoc is not supported on FilteredDB")))])
(-schema [db] (-schema (.-unfiltered-db db)))
(-attrs-by [db property] (-attrs-by (.-unfiltered-db db) property))
(-search [db pattern]
(filter (.-pred db) (-search (.-unfiltered-db db) pattern)))
(-datoms [db index cs]
(filter (.-pred db) (-datoms (.-unfiltered-db db) index cs)))
(-seek-datoms [db index cs]
(filter (.-pred db) (-seek-datoms (.-unfiltered-db db) index cs)))
(-rseek-datoms [db index cs]
(filter (.-pred db) (-rseek-datoms (.-unfiltered-db db) index cs)))
(-index-range [db attr start end]
(filter (.-pred db) (-index-range (.-unfiltered-db db) attr start end))))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defn attr->properties [k v]
(case v
:db.unique/identity [:db/unique :db.unique/identity :db/index]
:db.unique/value [:db/unique :db.unique/value :db/index]
:db.cardinality/many [:db.cardinality/many]
:db.type/ref [:db.type/ref :db/index]
(when (true? v)
(case k
:db/isComponent [:db/isComponent]
:db/index [:db/index]
(defn- rschema [schema]
(fn [m attr keys->values]
(fn [m key value]
(fn [m prop]
(assoc m prop (conj (get m prop #{}) attr)))
m (attr->properties key value)))
m keys->values))
{} schema))
(defn- validate-schema-key [a k v expected]
(when-not (or (nil? v)
(contains? expected v))
(throw (ex-info (str "Bad attribute specification for " (pr-str {a {k v}}) ", expected one of " expected)
{:error :schema/validation
:attribute a
:key k
:value v}))))
(defn- validate-schema [schema]
(doseq [[a kv] schema]
(let [comp? (:db/isComponent kv false)]
(validate-schema-key a :db/isComponent (:db/isComponent kv) #{true false})
(when (and comp? (not= (:db/valueType kv) :db.type/ref))
(throw (ex-info (str "Bad attribute specification for " a ": {:db/isComponent true} should also have {:db/valueType :db.type/ref}")
{:error :schema/validation
:attribute a
:key :db/isComponent}))))
(validate-schema-key a :db/unique (:db/unique kv) #{:db.unique/value :db.unique/identity})
(validate-schema-key a :db/valueType (:db/valueType kv) #{:db.type/ref})
(validate-schema-key a :db/cardinality (:db/cardinality kv) #{:db.cardinality/one :db.cardinality/many})))
(defn ^DB empty-db
([] (empty-db nil))
{:pre [(or (nil? schema) (map? schema))]}
(validate-schema schema)
{:schema schema
:rschema (rschema (merge implicit-schema schema))
:eavt (set/sorted-set-by cmp-datoms-eavt)
:aevt (set/sorted-set-by cmp-datoms-aevt)
:avet (set/sorted-set-by cmp-datoms-avet)
:max-eid e0
:max-tx tx0
:hash (atom 0)})))
(defn- init-max-eid [eavt]
(or (-> (set/rslice eavt (datom (dec tx0) nil nil txmax) (datom e0 nil nil tx0))
(defn ^DB init-db
([datoms] (init-db datoms nil))
([datoms schema]
(validate-schema schema)
(let [rschema (rschema (merge implicit-schema schema))
indexed (:db/index rschema)
arr (cond-> datoms
(not (arrays/array? datoms)) (arrays/into-array))
_ (arrays/asort arr cmp-datoms-eavt-quick)
eavt (set/from-sorted-array cmp-datoms-eavt arr)
_ (arrays/asort arr cmp-datoms-aevt-quick)
aevt (set/from-sorted-array cmp-datoms-aevt arr)
avet-datoms (filter (fn [^Datom d] (contains? indexed (.-a d))) datoms)
avet-arr (to-array avet-datoms)
_ (arrays/asort avet-arr cmp-datoms-avet-quick)
avet (set/from-sorted-array cmp-datoms-avet avet-arr)
max-eid (init-max-eid eavt)
max-tx (transduce (map (fn [^Datom d] (datom-tx d))) max tx0 eavt)]
(map->DB {
:schema schema
:rschema rschema
:eavt eavt
:aevt aevt
:avet avet
:max-eid max-eid
:max-tx max-tx
:hash (atom 0)}))))
(defn- equiv-db-index [x y]
(loop [xs (seq x)
ys (seq y)]
(nil? xs) (nil? ys)
(= (first xs) (first ys)) (recur (next xs) (next ys))
:else false)))
(defn- hash-db [^DB db]
(let [h @(.-hash db)]
(if (zero? h)
(reset! (.-hash db) (combine-hashes (hash (.-schema db))
(hash (.-eavt db))))
(defn- hash-fdb [^FilteredDB db]
(let [h @(.-hash db)
datoms (or (-datoms db :eavt []) #{})]
(if (zero? h)
(let [datoms (or (-datoms db :eavt []) #{})]
(reset! (.-hash db) (combine-hashes (hash (-schema db))
(hash-unordered-coll datoms))))
(defn- equiv-db [db other]
(and (or (instance? DB other) (instance? FilteredDB other))
(= (-schema db) (-schema other))
(equiv-db-index (-datoms db :eavt []) (-datoms other :eavt []))))
(defn pr-db [db w opts]
(-write w "#datascript/DB {")
(-write w ":schema ")
(pr-writer (-schema db) w opts)
(-write w ", :datoms ")
(pr-sequential-writer w
(fn [d w opts]
(pr-sequential-writer w pr-writer "[" " " "]" opts [(.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d)]))
"[" " " "]" opts (-datoms db :eavt []))
(-write w "}")))
(defn pr-db [db, ^ w]
(.write w (str "#datascript/DB {"))
(.write w ":schema ")
(binding [*out* w]
(pr (-schema db))
(.write w ", :datoms [")
(apply pr (map (fn [^Datom d] [(.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) (datom-tx d)]) (-datoms db :eavt []))))
(.write w "]}"))
(defmethod print-method DB [db w] (pr-db db w))
(defmethod print-method FilteredDB [db w] (pr-db db w))
(defn db-from-reader [{:keys [schema datoms]}]
(init-db (map (fn [[e a v tx]] (datom e a v tx)) datoms) schema))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(declare entid-strict entid-some ref?)
(defn- resolve-datom [db e a v t default-e default-tx]
(when a (validate-attr a (list 'resolve-datom 'db e a v t)))
(or (entid-some db e) default-e) ;; e
a ;; a
(if (and (some? v) (ref? db a)) ;; v
(entid-strict db v)
(or (entid-some db t) default-tx))) ;; t
(defn- components->pattern [db index [c0 c1 c2 c3] default-e default-tx]
(case index
:eavt (resolve-datom db c0 c1 c2 c3 default-e default-tx)
:aevt (resolve-datom db c1 c0 c2 c3 default-e default-tx)
:avet (resolve-datom db c2 c0 c1 c3 default-e default-tx)))
;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
(defrecord TxReport [db-before db-after tx-data tempids tx-meta])
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean is-attr?]
:cljs [^boolean is-attr?]) [db attr property]
(contains? (-attrs-by db property) attr))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean multival?]
:cljs [^boolean multival?]) [db attr]
(is-attr? db attr :db.cardinality/many))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean ref?]
:cljs [^boolean ref?]) [db attr]
(is-attr? db attr :db.type/ref))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean component?]
:cljs [^boolean component?]) [db attr]
(is-attr? db attr :db/isComponent))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean indexing?]
:cljs [^boolean indexing?]) [db attr]
(is-attr? db attr :db/index))
(defn entid [db eid]
{:pre [(db? db)]}
(and (number? eid) (pos? eid))
(sequential? eid)
(let [[attr value] eid]
(not= (count eid) 2)
(raise "Lookup ref should contain 2 elements: " eid
{:error :lookup-ref/syntax, :entity-id eid})
(not (is-attr? db attr :db/unique))
(raise "Lookup ref attribute should be marked as :db/unique: " eid
{:error :lookup-ref/unique, :entity-id eid})
(nil? value)
(-> (-datoms db :avet eid) first :e)))
#?@(:cljs [(array? eid) (recur db (array-seq eid))])
(keyword? eid)
(-> (-datoms db :avet [:db/ident eid]) first :e)
(raise "Expected number or lookup ref for entity id, got " eid
{:error :entity-id/syntax, :entity-id eid})))
(defn entid-strict [db eid]
(or (entid db eid)
(raise "Nothing found for entity id " eid
{:error :entity-id/missing
:entity-id eid})))
(defn entid-some [db eid]
(when eid
(entid-strict db eid)))
;;;;;;;;;; Transacting
(defn validate-datom [db ^Datom datom]
(when (and (datom-added datom)
(is-attr? db (.-a datom) :db/unique))
(when-some [found (not-empty (-datoms db :avet [(.-a datom) (.-v datom)]))]
(raise "Cannot add " datom " because of unique constraint: " found
{:error :transact/unique
:attribute (.-a datom)
:datom datom}))))
(defn- validate-eid [eid at]
(when-not (number? eid)
(raise "Bad entity id " eid " at " at ", expected number"
{:error :transact/syntax, :entity-id eid, :context at})))
(defn- validate-attr [attr at]
(when-not (or (keyword? attr) (string? attr))
(raise "Bad entity attribute " attr " at " at ", expected keyword or string"
{:error :transact/syntax, :attribute attr, :context at})))
(defn- validate-val [v at]
(when (nil? v)
(raise "Cannot store nil as a value at " at
{:error :transact/syntax, :value v, :context at})))
(defn- current-tx [report]
(inc (get-in report [:db-before :max-tx])))
(defn- next-eid [db]
(inc (:max-eid db)))
(defn- #?@(:clj [^Boolean tx-id?]
:cljs [^boolean tx-id?])
(or (= e :db/current-tx)
(= e ":db/current-tx") ;; for datascript.js interop
(= e "datomic.tx")
(= e "datascript.tx")))
(defn- #?@(:clj [^Boolean tempid?]
:cljs [^boolean tempid?])
(or (and (number? x) (neg? x)) (string? x)))
(defn- advance-max-eid [db eid]
(cond-> db
(and (> eid (:max-eid db))
(< eid tx0)) ;; do not trigger advance if transaction id was referenced
(assoc :max-eid eid)))
(defn- allocate-eid
([report eid]
(update-in report [:db-after] advance-max-eid eid))
([report e eid]
(cond-> report
(tx-id? e)
(assoc-in [:tempids e] eid)
(tempid? e)
(assoc-in [:tempids e] eid)
(update-in [:db-after] advance-max-eid eid))))
;; In context of `with-datom` we can use faster comparators which
;; do not check for nil (~10-15% performance gain in `transact`)
(defn- with-datom [db ^Datom datom]
(validate-datom db datom)
(let [indexing? (indexing? db (.-a datom))]
(if (datom-added datom)
(cond-> db
true (update-in [:eavt] set/conj datom cmp-datoms-eavt-quick)
true (update-in [:aevt] set/conj datom cmp-datoms-aevt-quick)
indexing? (update-in [:avet] set/conj datom cmp-datoms-avet-quick)
true (advance-max-eid (.-e datom))
true (assoc :hash (atom 0)))
(if-some [removing (first (-search db [(.-e datom) (.-a datom) (.-v datom)]))]
(cond-> db
true (update-in [:eavt] set/disj removing cmp-datoms-eavt-quick)
true (update-in [:aevt] set/disj removing cmp-datoms-aevt-quick)
indexing? (update-in [:avet] set/disj removing cmp-datoms-avet-quick)
true (assoc :hash (atom 0)))
(defn- transact-report [report datom]
(-> report
(update-in [:db-after] with-datom datom)
(update-in [:tx-data] conj datom)))
(defn #?@(:clj [^Boolean reverse-ref?]
:cljs [^boolean reverse-ref?]) [attr]
(keyword? attr)
(= \_ (nth (name attr) 0))
(string? attr)
(boolean (re-matches #"(?:([^/]+)/)?_([^/]+)" attr))
(raise "Bad attribute type: " attr ", expected keyword or string"
{:error :transact/syntax, :attribute attr})))
(defn reverse-ref [attr]
(keyword? attr)
(if (reverse-ref? attr)
(keyword (namespace attr) (subs (name attr) 1))
(keyword (namespace attr) (str "_" (name attr))))
(string? attr)
(let [[_ ns name] (re-matches #"(?:([^/]+)/)?([^/]+)" attr)]
(if (= \_ (nth name 0))
(if ns (str ns "/" (subs name 1)) (subs name 1))
(if ns (str ns "/_" name) (str "_" name))))
(raise "Bad attribute type: " attr ", expected keyword or string"
{:error :transact/syntax, :attribute attr})))
(defn- check-upsert-conflict [entity acc]
(let [[e a v] acc
_e (:db/id entity)]
(if (or (nil? _e)
(tempid? _e)
(nil? acc)
(== _e e))
(raise "Conflicting upsert: " [a v] " resolves to " e
", but entity already has :db/id " _e
{ :error :transact/upsert
:entity entity
:assertion acc }))))
(defn- upsert-reduce-fn [db eav a v]
(let [e (:e (first (-datoms db :avet [a v])))]
(nil? e) ;; value not yet in db
(nil? eav) ;; first upsert
[e a v]
(= (get eav 0) e) ;; second+ upsert, but does not conflict
(let [[_e _a _v] eav]
(raise "Conflicting upserts: " [_a _v] " resolves to " _e
", but " [a v] " resolves to " e
{ :error :transact/upsert
:assertion [e a v]
:conflict [_e _a _v] })))))
(defn- upsert-eid [db entity]
(when-some [idents (not-empty (-attrs-by db :db.unique/identity))]
(fn [eav a v] ;; eav = [e a v]
(not (contains? idents a))
(multival? db a)
(arrays/array? v)
(and (coll? v) (not (map? v)))))
(reduce #(upsert-reduce-fn db %1 a %2) eav v)
(upsert-reduce-fn db eav a v)))
(check-upsert-conflict entity)
first))) ;; getting eid from eav
;; multivals/reverse can be specified as coll or as a single value, trying to guess
(defn- maybe-wrap-multival [db a vs]
;; not a multival context
(not (or (reverse-ref? a)
(multival? db a)))
;; not a collection at all, so definitely a single value
(not (or (arrays/array? vs)
(and (coll? vs) (not (map? vs)))))
;; probably lookup ref
(and (= (count vs) 2)
(is-attr? db (first vs) :db.unique/identity))
:else vs))
(defn- explode [db entity]
(let [eid (:db/id entity)]
(for [[a vs] entity
:when (not= a :db/id)
:let [_ (validate-attr a {:db/id eid, a vs})
reverse? (reverse-ref? a)
straight-a (if reverse? (reverse-ref a) a)
_ (when (and reverse? (not (ref? db straight-a)))
(raise "Bad attribute " a ": reverse attribute name requires {:db/valueType :db.type/ref} in schema"
{:error :transact/syntax, :attribute a, :context {:db/id eid, a vs}}))]
v (maybe-wrap-multival db a vs)]
(if (and (ref? db straight-a) (map? v)) ;; another entity specified as nested map
(assoc v (reverse-ref a) eid)
(if reverse?
[:db/add v straight-a eid]
[:db/add eid straight-a v])))))
(defn- transact-add [report [_ e a v tx :as ent]]
(validate-attr a ent)
(validate-val v ent)
(let [tx (or tx (current-tx report))
db (:db-after report)
e (entid-strict db e)
v (if (ref? db a) (entid-strict db v) v)
new-datom (datom e a v tx)]
(if (multival? db a)
(if (empty? (-search db [e a v]))
(transact-report report new-datom)
(if-some [^Datom old-datom (first (-search db [e a]))]
(if (= (.-v old-datom) v)
(-> report
(transact-report (datom e a (.-v old-datom) tx false))
(transact-report new-datom)))
(transact-report report new-datom)))))
(defn- transact-retract-datom [report ^Datom d]
(let [tx (current-tx report)]
(transact-report report (datom (.-e d) (.-a d) (.-v d) tx false))))
(defn- retract-components [db datoms]
(into #{} (comp
(filter (fn [^Datom d] (component? db (.-a d))))
(map (fn [^Datom d] [:db.fn/retractEntity (.-v d)]))) datoms))
(declare transact-tx-data)
(defn- retry-with-tempid [initial-report report es tempid upserted-eid]
(if (contains? (:tempids initial-report) tempid)
(raise "Conflicting upsert: " tempid " resolves"
" both to " upserted-eid " and " (get-in initial-report [:tempids tempid])
{ :error :transact/upsert })
;; try to re-run from the beginning
;; but remembering that `tempid` will resolve to `upserted-eid`
(let [tempids' (-> (:tempids report)
(assoc tempid upserted-eid))
report' (assoc initial-report :tempids tempids')]
(transact-tx-data report' es))))
(def builtin-fn?
(defn transact-tx-data [initial-report initial-es]
(when-not (or (nil? initial-es)
(sequential? initial-es))
(raise "Bad transaction data " initial-es ", expected sequential collection"
{:error :transact/syntax, :tx-data initial-es}))
(loop [report (-> initial-report
(update :db-after transient))
es initial-es]
(let [[entity & entities] es
db (:db-after report)
{:keys [tempids]} report]
(empty? es)
(-> report
(assoc-in [:tempids :db/current-tx] (current-tx report))
(update-in [:db-after :max-tx] inc)
(update :db-after persistent!))
(nil? entity)
(recur report entities)
(map? entity)
(let [old-eid (:db/id entity)]
;; :db/current-tx / "datomic.tx" => tx
(tx-id? old-eid)
(let [id (current-tx report)]
(recur (allocate-eid report old-eid id)
(cons (assoc entity :db/id id) entities)))
;; lookup-ref => resolved | error
(sequential? old-eid)
(let [id (entid-strict db old-eid)]
(recur report
(cons (assoc entity :db/id id) entities)))
;; upserted => explode | error
:let [upserted-eid (upsert-eid db entity)]
(some? upserted-eid)
(if (and (tempid? old-eid)
(contains? tempids old-eid)
(not= upserted-eid (get tempids old-eid)))
(retry-with-tempid initial-report report initial-es old-eid upserted-eid)
(recur (allocate-eid report old-eid upserted-eid)
(concat (explode db (assoc entity :db/id upserted-eid)) entities)))
;; resolved | allocated-tempid | tempid | nil => explode
(or (number? old-eid)
(nil? old-eid)
(string? old-eid))
(let [new-eid (cond
(nil? old-eid) (next-eid db)
(tempid? old-eid) (or (get tempids old-eid)
(next-eid db))
:else old-eid)
new-entity (assoc entity :db/id new-eid)]
(recur (allocate-eid report old-eid new-eid)
(concat (explode db new-entity) entities)))
;; trash => error
(raise "Expected number, string or lookup ref for :db/id, got " old-eid
{ :error :entity-id/syntax, :entity entity })))
(sequential? entity)
(let [[op e a v] entity]
(= op :db.fn/call)
(let [[_ f & args] entity]
(recur report (concat (apply f db args) entities)))
(and (keyword? op)
(not (builtin-fn? op)))
(if-some [ident (entid db op)]
(let [fun (-> (-search db [ident :db/fn]) first :v)
args (next entity)]
(if (fn? fun)
(recur report (concat (apply fun db args) entities))
(raise "Entity " op " expected to have :db/fn attribute with fn? value"
{:error :transact/syntax, :operation :db.fn/call, :tx-data entity})))
(raise "Can’t find entity for transaction fn " op
{:error :transact/syntax, :operation :db.fn/call, :tx-data entity}))
(and (tempid? e) (not= op :db/add))
(raise "Can't use tempid in '" entity "'. Tempids are allowed in :db/add only"
{ :error :transact/syntax, :op entity })
(or (= op :db.fn/cas)
(= op :db/cas))
(let [[_ e a ov nv] entity
e (entid-strict db e)
_ (validate-attr a entity)
ov (if (ref? db a) (entid-strict db ov) ov)
nv (if (ref? db a) (entid-strict db nv) nv)
_ (validate-val nv entity)
datoms (vec (-search db [e a]))]
(if (multival? db a)
(if (some (fn [^Datom d] (= (.-v d) ov)) datoms)
(recur (transact-add report [:db/add e a nv]) entities)
(raise ":db.fn/cas failed on datom [" e " " a " " (map :v datoms) "], expected " ov
{:error :transact/cas, :old datoms, :expected ov, :new nv}))
(let [v (:v (first datoms))]
(if (= v ov)
(recur (transact-add report [:db/add e a nv]) entities)
(raise ":db.fn/cas failed on datom [" e " " a " " v "], expected " ov
{:error :transact/cas, :old (first datoms), :expected ov, :new nv })))))
(tx-id? e)
(recur (allocate-eid report e (current-tx report)) (cons [op (current-tx report) a v] entities))
(and (ref? db a) (tx-id? v))
(recur (allocate-eid report v (current-tx report)) (cons [op e a (current-tx report)] entities))
(and (ref? db a) (tempid? v))
(if-some [vid (get tempids v)]
(recur report (cons [op e a vid] entities))
(recur (allocate-eid report v (next-eid db)) es))
(tempid? e)
(let [upserted-eid (when (is-attr? db a :db.unique/identity)
(:e (first (-datoms db :avet [a v]))))
allocated-eid (get tempids e)]
(if (and upserted-eid allocated-eid (not= upserted-eid allocated-eid))
(retry-with-tempid initial-report report initial-es e upserted-eid)
(let [eid (or upserted-eid allocated-eid (next-eid db))]
(recur (allocate-eid report e eid) (cons [op eid a v] entities)))))
(= op :db/add)
(recur (transact-add report entity) entities)
(= op :db/retract)
(if-some [e (entid db e)]
(let [v (if (ref? db a) (entid-strict db v) v)]
(validate-attr a entity)
(validate-val v entity)
(if-some [old-datom (first (-search db [e a v]))]
(recur (transact-retract-datom report old-datom) entities)
(recur report entities)))
(recur report entities))
(= op :db.fn/retractAttribute)
(if-some [e (entid db e)]
(let [_ (validate-attr a entity)
datoms (vec (-search db [e a]))]
(recur (reduce transact-retract-datom report datoms)
(concat (retract-components db datoms) entities)))
(recur report entities))
(or (= op :db.fn/retractEntity)
(= op :db/retractEntity))
(if-some [e (entid db e)]
(let [e-datoms (vec (-search db [e]))
v-datoms (vec (mapcat (fn [a] (-search db [nil a e])) (-attrs-by db :db.type/ref)))]
(recur (reduce transact-retract-datom report (concat e-datoms v-datoms))
(concat (retract-components db e-datoms) entities)))
(recur report entities))
(raise "Unknown operation at " entity ", expected :db/add, :db/retract, :db.fn/call, :db.fn/retractAttribute, :db.fn/retractEntity or an ident corresponding to an installed transaction function (e.g. {:db/ident <keyword> :db/fn <Ifn>}, usage of :db/ident requires {:db/unique :db.unique/identity} in schema)" {:error :transact/syntax, :operation op, :tx-data entity})))
(datom? entity)
(let [[e a v tx added] entity]
(if added
(recur (transact-add report [:db/add e a v tx]) entities)
(recur report (cons [:db/retract e a v] entities))))
(raise "Bad entity type at " entity ", expected map or vector"
{:error :transact/syntax, :tx-data entity})))))
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