Campfire bot written in Clojure
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Code walkthrough

If you’re interested in learning Clojure, read source code walkthrough here:


Best way to start Katybot is to use lein repl, this way repl.clj will be loaded automatically with a bunch of useful fns.

To test Katybot in console:

katybot.repl=> (listen-console)

To run her in Campfire, define following env variables before runnig lein repl:

~/katybot/$ export KATYBOT_CAMPFIRE_ACCOUNT=... # account is your third-level domain on
~/katybot/$ export KATYBOT_CAMPFIRE_ROOM   =...
~/katybot/$ export KATYBOT_CAMPFIRE_TOKEN  =...
~/katybot/$ export KATYBOT_CAMPFIRE_ALIASES="/|Kat[ey]|robot"
~/katybot/$ lein repl

katybot.repl=> (listen-campfire)


Bot answers to commands starting from aliases, by default they're Kate, Katy and /:

> Kate, hello!
< Nice to see you again
> /hi
< Nice to see you again

To see list of all available command use help:

> /help
< stop      — ask bot to shutdown gracefully
  calc me   — ...


To make her exit, tell her stop:

> /stop
< I’m out

or type an empty string (console only).


Take a look at reflexes directory for hints on how to implement your own extension scripts. katybot.repl/reload-reflexes scans reflexes and its sub-directroies and loads every .clj file as an robot’s extension script.

Extensions could be reloaded on the fly, without stopping robot. Just evaluate:

katybot.repl=> (reload-reflexes)