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kriss_feed (version 8)

A simple and smart (or stupid) feed reader.

An example is available on tontof.net.

This is an alternative to Google Reader or other RSS feed readers:

  • It does not require SQL or database.
  • It works with PHP 5.2

More information here: KrISS feed.


  • If you just want to use kriss feed, download index.php file and upload it on your server. Enjoy !

  • If you want to look at the source, look at the src directory. To generate index.php file, just run the command : bash generateIndex > index.php

More information here: KrISS feed.


  • version 1

    • add/remove feed
    • import/export opml file
    • update manually feed/folder/all
    • mark as read feed/folder/all
  • version 2

    • show and reader view
    • anonymize link (not image or media)
    • simple share with shaarli
    • auto update in show view
  • version 3

    • new format : item hash -> feedHash + itemHash
    • list/expanded view
    • autoupdate in reader view
    • auto cache 10 last downloaded articles
    • automatic load when scroll
  • version 4

    • edit feeds
    • add via url (shaarli, blogotext links)
    • automatic save mode/view
  • version 5

    • new data structure
    • bootstrap css
    • fully usable without javascript
  • version 6

    • security is increased
    • more functionnalities (thanks to your feedback)
  • version 7

    • starred items
    • order list of feeds
    • list of feeds are updated with javascript
  • version 8

    • internationalization
    • plugins


Copyleft (ɔ) - Tontof - http://tontof.net

Use KrISS feed at your own risk.

Free software means users have the four essential freedoms:

  • to run the program
  • to study and change the program in source code form
  • to redistribute exact copies, and
  • to distribute modified versions.