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Tutti Quanti Shelf icon TUTTI QUANTI SHELF

Tutti Quanti Shelf is a collection of miscellaneous developer-oriented utilities wrapped into one single app, built with Electron.

This desktop application works on macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Tutti Quanti Shelf social preview


The following utilities are currently available:

  • CIDR Calculator
  • CSS Cursors Demo
  • Digital Clock
  • Graph Visualizer
  • IETF Language Tags
  • JavaScript Parser
  • JavaScript Runner
  • JSON Formatter
  • Math Renderer
  • Romaji-Kana
  • Roman Numerals
  • SVG Optimizer
  • System Information
  • Text Converter
  • Text to Speech
  • XML Converter

CIDR Calculator

Simple CIDR calculators:

  • CIDR to IP Range
  • IP Range to CIDR List

CIDR Calculator screenshot

CSS Cursors Demo

Display CSS cursors by category:

CSS Cursors Demo screenshot

Digital Clock

Customizable clock, using language-sensitive text formatting for date and time:

Digital Clock screenshot

Graph Visualizer

Graph visualizer, using the Graphviz visualization software:

Graph Visualizer screenshot

IETF Language Tags

References for IETF BCP 47 language tags and subtags:

IETF Language Tags screenshot

JavaScript Parser

JavaScript code parser and tokenizer, based on Esprima:

JavaScript Parser screenshot

JavaScript Runner

JavaScript code runner, useful for quick testing/prototyping or data processing:

JavaScript Runner screenshot

JSON Formatter

JSON data formatter and validator:

JSON Formatter screenshot

Math Renderer

Math expression renderer, using the KaTeX JavaScript library:

Math Renderer screenshot


Simple converters between rōmaji and kana:

  • Rōmaji to Kana
  • Kana to Rōmaji

Romaji-Kana screenshot

Roman Numerals

Converters between roman and arabic numerals:

  • Roman to Arabic Numeral
  • Arabic to Roman Numeral

Roman Numerals screenshot

SVG Optimizer

Optimize SVG:

SVG Optimizer screenshot

System Information

Detailed list of system information, by category:

  • Framework
  • Main Process
  • Renderer Process
  • Application
  • Navigator
  • Operating System
  • OS User Info
  • Screen
  • Window
  • Environment

System Information screenshot

Text Converter

Encode and decode text according to several string formats:

  • JSON String
  • Hex String
  • Base64 String

Text Converter - Text Encoder screenshot

Text Converter - Text Decoder screenshot

Text to Speech

Speak text according to voice settings:

Text to Speech screenshot

XML Converter

Convert XML to JSON:

XML Converter screenshot


You can download the latest release for macOS.


You'll need Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer in order to build this application.

Clone method

# Clone the repository
git clone
# Go into the repository
cd tutti-quanti-shelf
# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run the application
npm start

Note: to use the clone method, the core tool git must also be installed.

Download method

If you don't wish to clone, you can download the source code, unZip it, then directly run the following commands from a Terminal opened at the resulting tutti-quanti-shelf-master folder location:

# Install dependencies
npm install
# Run the application
npm start


Several scripts are also defined in the package.json file to build OS-specific bundles of the application, using the simple yet powerful Electron Packager Node module.
For instance, running the following command (once the dependencies are installed) will create a Tutti Quanti version for macOS:

# Build macOS (Darwin) application
npm run build-darwin


The MIT License (MIT).

Copyright © 2019-2022 Michel Mariani.